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What is Car Glass Coating? Benefits & Tips

Who doesn’t like shiny cars, especially when an individual spends a huge fortune on buying one? The flawless shine of a car’s paint is what adds beauty to the vehicle and gets the attention of bystanders as they see the vehicle as well.
You could even argue that it’s the shiny and sleek exterior of a car that helps increase its resale value when you want to sell the vehicle.

There is a lot more to know about glass coating than simply making your vehicle eye-catching. In this article, we have gathered some insights on car glass coating from its benefits to tips and tricks for applying this coating.

What Is Glass Coating?

It is practically a liquid glass that is made up of Siloxane and Silica. Glass coating is a transparent pure liquid that solidifies itself when it comes in contact with air. It caters to providing protection, durable gloss, and shine to a car’s body.

Glass coating normally lasts for a minimum of three years, relying on a couple of factors. The conclusive aim of glass coating is to provide protection to the paint’s clear coat.

Benefits Of Employing Glass Coating

1- Keeps Dirt Off Exterior Surface

Glass coating has made it easier to clean the dirt from the exterior – it is designed to serve as an anti-static compound that is meant to repulse the dust particles making it easy to clean. You can apply the glass coating after every six months in order to cater complete protection to the exterior of your car.

The accumulation of resides from acidic rainstorms on the vehicle’s body panel can be avoided by applying glass coating, it also keeps the windshield of your car streak-free.

2- Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

Once you have applied the glass coating, it then works as a protective film that blocks out dangerous UV rays that can harm the exterior, as well as the interior, of your car. Glass coating also protects against rust by blocking moisture from getting inside the car where it is not needed.

Harmful rays of UV fade paint from the vehicle’s surface due to oxidation. This is the reason why most cars start looking older after being used for a few years, specifically when the owner does not take time out for maintenance. Get your car properly maintained, and its coating refreshed at Toyota Creek Motors.

3- Easy To Clean And Durable

The permanent nature of glass coating is what makes it highly long-lasting. They can easily pass through the test of time and still maintain the gloss on your vehicle for an extended period. In addition, glass-coated cars are easy to keep clean.

4- Lowers The Interior Temperature

This coating can assist in reducing the heat your car is exposed to during summer. It reflects some of the dangerous rays from the sun which helps in lowering the interior temperature of the car keeping it cool and comfortable.

Two Tips To Keep Glass Coating Protected

Wash Your Car And Don’t Forget To Dry It

Even after you have got the glass coating you can still wash your car as you would usually. However, use natural cleaning soap on your car, and do not forget to use microfiber scrubbing brushes to get it cleaned properly.

The drying process needs your special attention when the car is coated; air drying method does not work with glass coating. If you still allow your car to air dry then it’s going to end up with water spots over it entirely, ruining the look of your vehicle’s exterior.

To keep clear of the development of spots, you are required to ensure that you have used the right kind of towel to dry the vehicle. We would recommend that you use microfiber clothes, these types of clothes will dry your car without leaving any traces of water.
If you’re confused about this, contact a professional and take their help for coating, so you don’t end up ruining your vehicle’s body.

Apply Maintenance Spray

If you want your vehicle’s coating to last longer, then you are required to apply maintenance spray while it is drying at least once or twice a month. A maintenance spray creates a second layer of protection for your car. It protects the coating and assists you in maintaining the paint job that is under the coat.

To apply the maintenance spray, you can use a device that is similar to a spray can, just keep it a few feet away from the vehicle and move your arm back and forth across every section of the car with a constant motion to evenly spray the maintenance spray that will take care of the coating on your vehicle.


If you want to keep the exterior of your car brand-new then getting it protected with glass coating is the best option for you. This is easy to maintain, and also provides the ultimate protection to the exterior of your car.

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