Dos and Don'ts for Your Car's

Dos and Don’ts for Your Car’s Air Filter Maintenance

It’s a huge responsibility to be a car owner. You have to ensure all the time that the parts are in nice working condition. But, even apart from that, it’s equally important for your car’s environment to be healthy. Having a clean and functioning air filter can save not only the environment of your car but is easy on your pockets. If we explore the conventional insight on the maintenance of air filters, it conforms to the idea that the air filters need to be changed on completion of each 3,000 miles.

Luckily, newer cars have air filters that perform better and last longer. Your air filters can practically last 1-2 years under the right driving circumstances. Nonetheless, they actually need occasional replacement.

The main concern: with your consent, we suggest a visual review each 3,000-6,000 miles to guarantee both the air filter and engine consumption channels are clean and in working condition. A visual review is free, and it never hurts to check. We can ensure our expert staff won’t ever propose a substitution except if it is imperative.

Let’s move forward to the list of dos and don’ts for the maintenance of air filters.


Here’s how you do the air maintenance cleaners.

1- Locate the air filter

Open the hood and check out at the top of the engine. You’ll have the option to see your air channel lodging there. Remove the air filter, and the cabin will be in a different shape than usual.

2- Decide the Type of Filter and Clean

Presently you really want to check whether your air filter is a dry or an oiled air filter. In the event that you have a dry channel, utilize a vacuum to suck up the soil and residue off your air filter. If you have an oiled channel, utilize a cleaner to clean the oil and dirt. Oiled channels need to be soaked for around 10 minutes. Following 10 minutes, wash the cleaner off and make sure the air filter is dry of all water. Tl hen you will reapply oil to the oiled channel.

3- Drying

Whether you have a dry filter or an oiled filter, you want to let them both normally dry. Keep them out of your vehicle until they are completely dry. The oil filter will appear to be unique and drier than the dry air filter.

4- Put the Air Filter back

Now you really want to place the air filter back in the car. Open the hood of the car and put the air channel back. When you return your air channel, your car will be all set.


The Car Care Council emphasizes checking the cabin air filters as a basic preventive support step that would go far toward safeguarding travelers, as well as the vehicle’s HVAC framework.

The explanation for this is that at the point at which the cabin air filter obstructs, it can stop the radiator and temperature control system. Assuming your vehicle is taken to an auto mechanic’s shop that checks the AC framework or cooling framework without first checking the air filters, you could wind up paying for superfluous fixes.

The significant thing to recall with any air filter cleaning is to replace the soiled air filter. Try not to simply clean the channel and once again introduce. While a dirty air filter can harm the AC framework, a messy motor air channel can cause motor execution issues.

Truth be told, replacing a stopped-up channel can further develop gas mileage by as much as 10%. Considering that your car can involve in excess of 10,000 gallons of air for each gallon of fuel consumed, a clean wind current is pivotal to the appropriate functioning of the engine.

As you are well aware of how important air filters are for the smooth functioning of your car, you can take steps to keep them well maintained. Luckily, air filter maintenance is simple, you just need to regularly check and replace the filters if necessary.

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