differentiate between genuine and fake toyota spare parts

How To Differentiate Between Genuine and Fake Toyota Spare Parts

Every car owner knows very well how critical it is to maintain the optimal performance of their vehicle. But we all have at least once in our lives failed to spot fake Toyota spare parts, which we regretted later.

In today’s modern world, Toyota develops cars with the concept of making it easy for every person to own their cars and making it seamless to travel around the city. However, we also live in a world where replicas can be created smoothly whether they are of clothes, crockeries, or Toyota spare parts.

Now, you should know that owning a car is one thing, and maintaining it is another and both of them are two separate issues. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the functions of car parts except for the ones that are popular, the majority of car owners do not have any clue about what goes on where, which part is located in which area, and most importantly, how to tell if a certain part works well, or it needs a replacement.

What Are Fake Toyota Spare Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturers a.k.a. OEM makes auto spare parts for vehicles that correspond with the quality and the safety of the automobile industry. Meanwhile, on the other hand, fake car auto parts make look-alike original ones, but the significant difference lies in the composition of the material that is employed to make these parts.

As most of these fake parts are way cheaper than the original ones they do not match the safety standards that are set by the car industry. By selling fake parts these sellers are putting the lives of many drivers at risk.

So, now you might be wondering how duplicate car parts risk lives. Well, as they aren’t meeting the safety and quality of the auto industry, installing these spare parts into your car can lead to engine failures, sudden breakdowns, and lastly even accidents.

The Quality Standard Of Toyota

Toyota is a well-known brand that strives for nothing except the best of every vehicle they manufacture. Hence, they create numerous spare parts just in case their valued clients encounter an issue and need to get it replaced.

Every Toyota genuine part has to undergo a detailed evaluation until all of its reliability, quality, and performance standards are met. Only then do their parts leave the factory to enter the market. With the original Toyota auto part, the safety and long life of your car are guaranteed. Also, every original and genuine part comes with a Toyota warranty, while false ones do not.

Five Ways To Spot Counterfeit Spare Parts

As fake car accessories are available easily everywhere, here are some of the best ways of spotting a counterfeit part:

1- Serial Numbers

The spare parts that are manufactured by OEM have their own unique serial number or holograms, which can be easily used to trace their original manufacturers. Some of the Original Equipment Manufacturers have their serial numbers printed straight on the box or the spare part itself meanwhile fake parts would have the serial numbers on a sticker.

2- Typos

Take a closer look at the printing on both the instructions and the package. If you see grammatical errors, typos, or misspellings, inspect the spare part closely, it may be a fake.

3- Mismatched Parts

One of the methods of identifying a counterfeit part is by comparing the new part that you just bought with the old part and looking for differences in their weight, color, change in dimension, etc. a simple difference of a varying fastener can also be a sign of a fake auto spare part.

4- Packaging

Replicas are generally packed in flimsy and cheap packaging as compared to authentic spare parts that are precisely packed in premium packaging and are shipped with care. In order to spot a counterfeit, you can also correlate the packages by paying attention to small detailing such as the material of the box, printing, its thickness, etc.

5- Cheaper Price

The original spare parts are generally pricey as they are of top-notch quality. So, if you have spent on a spare part that is significantly cheaper than there are high chances that you have bought fake auto spare parts. Do not forget to ask for warranty details as genuine Toyota spare parts come with a warranty package.


Keep in mind that even the tiniest and most trivial things are also easily copied just as airbags, floor mats, etc. This is why make sure to inspect the auto spare parts closely and pay close attention to all the details on the part as well as the packaging.

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