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The New Toyota Hilux Revo 2021 – All You Need to Know

Toyota has recently launched the latest Hilux Revo 2021, and we now have all its necessary details for all the passionate Toyota fans out there who’ve been part of Revo’s facelifts over the years. Designed to fit in any role that it’s given, the new Toyota Hilux Revo has enhanced features, an advanced specs list, and enough power and durability to suit your countless adventures on the road. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the new Hilux Revo 2021 and its new specs and features.

The new vehicle shows off a powerful Diesel engine belonging to Toyota’s globally acclaimed GD series. The 2.8 Liter 1GD engine’s focus has been on the power, torque, and fuel economy in the new variant, flaunting 201 horsepower (150kw) and 369 pound-feet (500 Nm) of torque. This puts Revo on the same level as its major competitors globally: Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Trailblazer. While, in Pakistan, it is at the same standard as its national competitor: D-max.

Furthermore, Toyota reports having reduced the Hilux’s 850 rpm to 680 rpm in order to improve fuel efficiency and traction; the Revo is now equipped with 5 different traction capabilities. The frame/body suspension and the cabin mount of the vehicle have also been optimized and hardened to limit the impact of shock absorption and vibration absorption in order to ensure you’re in total control of the vehicle as you drive it, without compromising on you or your family’s safety.

Moreover, apart from the usual proximity sensors, the Hilux now includes Toyota Safety Sense, including a pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control, and lane departure alert. The inner specs haven’t gone through any major or unique changes, with the same USB ports, Bluetooth access, 8-inch touchscreen Apple CarPlay features. Some other specs have also been mentioned below.

Some More Specs and Features

  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Rear Differential Lock
  • Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • 4WD Drivetrain
  • Push Start and Smart Entry
  • Tyre Turning Angle in Mid
  • Power Outlets
  • Rear Armrest
  • Cruise Control
  • Impact Absorbing Structures
  • Wireless Charger
  • 4.2 Color TFT Mid
  • Redesigned 10-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Hi-Grade Bi-Beam LED Headlamps
  • Hill Start Assist Control
  • Downhill Assist Control
  • Emergency Break Signal

These are all the major specs and features of the new Toyota Hilux Revo 2021, with its advanced improvements. With enough safety measures and a comfortably spacious cabin, the new Hilux Revo is a vehicle you can’t miss out on having. Looking for more information on Toyota Hilux and other similar topics? Visit Toyota Creek Motors for more.

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