tools and accessories need to have in your vehicle

Tools and Accessories You Need to Always Have in Your Vehicle

Owning a vehicle entails a lot of responsibility than just knowing how to drive. This includes having access to the right tools and materials you may need if your car breaks down, the documentation you would be required in case of an emergency, or accessories that can make your driving experience a lot more comfortable.

In this blog, we’ve discussed all the different kinds of tools and accessories you need to have in your vehicle at all times. They’ve been divided into:

  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Documentation
  • Comfort and Convenience


Repair and Maintenance

1. Spare Tire

Make sure you’re always carrying a spare tire that’s in good condition so that you can get it changed in case of an emergency when one of your tires breaks down and needs repairs. And when you do take the original out, make sure you get the necessary repairs done on it to use it as a spare one for the future.

2. Tire Jack

If you’re keeping a spare tire but don’t have a tire jack, you may as well leave the spare behind, since it’s the tire jack that will help you replace your tires in an emergency situation.

3. Jumper Cables and Battery Booster

If your battery dies unexpectedly while you’re on the road, it’s always a good idea to have jumper cables and a better booster or a portable battery in your car. This helps you jumpstart your vehicle again so that you don’t have to wait too long for a service provider to arrive and assist you, and if you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s more than likely that an auto repairman won’t be able to reach you for a while either. Therefore, having the solution available to you is a much better option to invest in.

4. Toolkit

It’s always good to have a toolkit consisting of basic necessary items with you in the car. These include a pair of screwdrivers, a hammer, etc. These come in handy whenever you face an unexpected breakdown.

5. Water

At times, when your car gets overheated, or to avoid your car from overheating and stopping in the middle of the road, you might need access to water to put in the radiator so that your car’s temperature is maintained at a balance instead of letting it warm up and then overheat. As this can cause you problems in the long run, since an overheated engine has more chances of damage, especially if you keep insisting on driving the vehicle despite it.

6. Tire Pressure Gauge

It’s good to check your tire pressure before you go out for a drive or if you feel like your tires are not operating properly, making your drive inconvenient. Poorly maintained tires not only become a problem on the drive, they can also lead to accidents and other dangerous incidents.

7. WD-40

WD-40 is a material that protects metal from rust and corrosion, and it can come in handy when it comes to cleaning up and maintaining your car.


1. Drinkable Water

Water isn’t necessary just for your vehicle but can also come in handy when you need to hydrate yourself, especially during long road trips and extreme summer days.

2. Snacks

If you’re going on a road trip, it’s also important to have some snacks prepared for yourself and your passengers so that you can avoid feeling hungry, especially if your next meal isn’t planned to take place for a few good hours.

3. Jacket

You also need to have some pieces of clothing ready to wear if you need it. These can include jackets during winters or raincoats in the case of unexpected rainfall.

4. First-aid Kit

It’s also a good idea to keep a spare first-aid kit at your disposal in the vehicle. You never know when you might suffer a minor injury that may not need immediate medical attention, but you’d still need some proper medication to help you or someone you know through it.

5. Sunglasses

Sharp sun rays aren’t a comfortable sight to tolerate, especially when you’re driving the car. In such a case, it’s necessary to have a pair of sunglasses at hand to help you navigate through the road without needing to squint too much.

6. Flashlights and Batteries

Yes, we know it’s the age of the smartphone and flashlights are such an old-school thing to think of when you have all the features available in the phone, but you need to remember that you may not have access to your phone at all times, the flashlight inside the cell may stop working due to any operational failure or your phone’s batteries may die. For this reason, it’s necessary to have an actual flashlight at hand, with spare batteries so that you can properly see your way through the dark in the case of an emergency breakdown in the dark.

7. Warning Flares/Reflective Triangles

It’s necessary to have reflective warning lights in the vehicle so that you can warn approaching cars that you’ve stopped on the road due to an emergency breakdown. This is very important as it can save you and other passersby from getting involved in an accident.


1. Photocopy of your License and other documents

When driving around in the city, or even if you’re planning to go cross-country traveling in your vehicle, it’s necessary to have your licenses, ID cards, and other information and documentation that you may need on the trip. This also includes photocopies of your car’s documentation, etc.

2. Owner’s Manual

Many people who drive a car believe they’re an expert on everything they need to know about the car’s wellbeing, but the owner’s manual isn’t just to give you the basics of your car. It can help you out in a lot more ways than one, e.g. by telling you specific details about the vehicle you didn’t know yet, or by pointing out the root cause of a problem you might be having with the car. Hence, it’s a necessary piece of document you need to have in your car at all times.

3. Car Repair Information

It’s also very important for you to have your car repairer’s information stored in your glove compartment for emergencies. Yes, you can easily store this information inside your cell phone, but there might come a time when you don’t have immediate access to your phone or its contact list, for such times, it’s necessary to have the info with you on a piece of paper so that you can call the auto repair experts using any alternative means required.

Comfort and Convenience

1. Spare Charger or Powerbank

Never lose out on your phone’s battery again with the help of a spare charger or a power bank that you can use at any time. Although, remember to keep the power bank charged so that it can help you when you don’t have any alternate options available to recharge your phone.

2. AUX Cable

An AUX Cable can also come in handy if you need to listen to your favorite songs on a road trip. This will keep you and your passengers entertained on long drives.

3. Blankets

It’s also good to keep a few blankets in the vehicle in winters, especially if you’re traveling with kids or people who feel too cold in an air-conditioned vehicle.

4. Paper and Pens

Paper and pens are always a necessary requirement in any case, whether you’re in a vehicle or on the go in a restaurant or other place. They’re the original and more convenient way of noting down information.

5. Tissues

Tissues are necessary for more than just your hygiene. If any of you in the vehicle happen to be allergic or need a quick alternative to cleaning up your hands or a spill in the car, tissues come in a lot handy to help you out.

These are all the necessary tools and accessories you need to have in your vehicle. If you need more information on this or other topics or need to contact a credible car dealership, have a look at Toyota Creek Motors for your concerns.

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