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Toyota Corolla Cross is Now in Pakistan – Specifics, Features, and More…

The brand new Toyota Corolla Cross is finally in Pakistan, much to the delight of car enthusiasts in the country. The Corolla family is among the most preferred best-selling cars in the country, so the Corolla Cross’s addition to this collection aims to bring more diversity to the already infamous series, providing customers to choose from an even wider range of options. The Toyota Corolla Cross is a hybrid car with a 1.8 L 2ZR-FXE engine, making 98 hm and 142 Nm of torque.

Toyota Pakistan also offers 2 previous versions of hybrid cars, the Prius and Toyota Aqua. In addition to that, three versions of the Corolla Cross are available in the market now: low, mid, and high; all three of them are 1.8L Hybrid cars. In this blog, we’re going to talk about all the specifics and features you should know about the Toyota Corolla Cross in case you plan to purchase the new addition to the Toyota family.

Specifics of The New Toyota Corolla Cross


The new Toyota Corolla Cross boasts a 4th-Gen Hybrid Engine, designed exclusively for hybrid systems, the 1.8-liter 2ZR-FXE engine with dual VVT-i and Atkinson Cycle, the engine gets exceptional fuel economy in a lightweight design. The efficient EV motors combined with the vehicle’s NiMH battery’s exceptional performance allows the hybrid system’s engine to stop earlier when it’s not needed, e.g. during low-power demand conditions, further increasing fuel efficiency. The engine has 3 performance driving modes:

  • ECO: Helps both the car’s driving force and air conditioning system to become more controlled, increasing fuel efficiency.
  • PWR: Increases hybrid system’s acceleration response. Suitable condition for when an agile driving mode is required on the road.
  • EV: In this mode, the electric motor powered by the hybrid system is used to drive the vehicle. This allows one to drive without being too concerned about exhaust emissions.


The exterior theme of the Corolla Cross is a lot different from its predecessors of the same family. This car has been specifically designed to provide a look of “Urban Toughness”, combining the overall themes of urban refinement and imposing toughness. The Corolla Cross stands out with its sporty yet luxurious look. The Low variant of the car has a halogen projector, while the Mid and High variants have LED projector headlights. While all the 3 versions have LED DRLs integrated into the headlights, as well as rear screen wipers, LED fog lights, and LED tail lights.


The interior of the car is similar to that of the new 12th-Gen Toyota Corolla, with the High-variant of the Cross having leather, while the Low and Mid-variants have fabric seats. The low variant also differs in that it has a basic CD system with Bluetooth compatibility, while the Mid and High variants have an 8” touch screen display unit.


Safety Clearance Sonar

The Corolla Cross is featured with bumper-mounted sonars that detect obstacles at the front, rear, and corners of the vehicle, informing the driver of the distance between the obstacle and the vehicle as well as its position using lines on the MID screen. Each sensor consists of microphones and circuits that are designed to receive ultrasonic waves. Apart from lines displayed on the MID screen, additional notice is provided by sounding a buzzer that increases in frequency as the obstacle gets closer.

Safety HAC-Control

The HAC (Hill-Start Assist Control) helps the vehicle from rolling back as the driver takes it on a sloppy hill. The system holds the vehicle in place and saves it from rolling back uncontrollably.

Safety VSC

Vehicle Stability Control helps the vehicle to follow the driver’s intended path on the road, preventing the front or rear wheels of the vehicle to lose control and skidding sideways, a situation that can arise in case of a sharp turn without safety VSC in place.


The new Toyota Corolla Cross is available in 6 different colors:

Attitude Black Mica, Graphite Metallic, Nebula Blue, Platinum White Pearl, Red Mica Metallic, Celestite Gray Metallic.

Some additional specifications are as follows:

  • The car’s tires are designed with 17” Alloy Rims for a more aggressive and tough look.
  • The tailgate has kick sensors, which makes it more convenient to store a handful of cargo. This feature is only available in the high-grade variant.
  • The double trapezoid frontal grille makes for a sense of strength.
  • 7-inch MID (Multi-Information Display) screen between the analog and speedometer display. The advanced MID screen also allows for a person to program the height of the back door’s opening.
  • Automatic dual-zone climate control is part of a complete that include interior temperature sensors, automatic fan-speed control, thermostat, automatic AC controls, and automatic vent selection.
  • The rear cabin also has air conditioning vents and two 2.1 amp USB charging ports.
  • Exquisite Terra Rosa interior with leather seating covers for a more luxurious and elegant experience (High variant)
  • Wide-open spacious compartment for luggage, providing convenience and comfort, along with 4 cargo and 2 grocery bag hooks.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • 7 airbags are included in the High and Mid-variants, while 2 in the Low variant.
  • Electronic power steering.
  • Push Start button.

These are all the features and specifics about the new Toyota Corolla Cross. If you need more information regarding this car, its prices, and purchasing, you can contact the team at Toyota Creek Motors for assistance.

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