Ultimate Guide to Car Lights

Your Ultimate Guide to Car Lights & When You Should Use Them

The automotive lighting system includes various types of lights for different purposes, like better visibility or to indicate something such as danger, turns, etc. These car lights are installed as per requirements. Some are integrated at the front, some at the rear, top, and sides. They help pedestrians to see the vehicle’s presence on the road. Following are the types of vehicle lights in general and their uses

Types of Car Lights and Their Uses

1- Headlights:

There are two types of car headlights, i.e. high beam and low beam. High beam lights are bright and therefore, can be used while driving on dark streets or highways while low beam lights are best used to increase visibility in case of incoming traffic or during weather conditions like rain or fog. Both these types of headlights can help the driver ‌see the road and signal other cars about the vehicle’s presence. Headlights are now available in different varieties, like LED lights for cars and HID lights.

2- Hazard lights

Hazard lights are also known as flashers. They are switched on manually when you want to signal any hazard. So it’s recommended to use hazard lights in case of any road hazard, and turn them off when the hazard is passed.

3- Brake lights

Brake lights help in avoiding probable accidents as they are switched on automatically when the brake is applied. They indicate to the drivers behind your car that the vehicle is going to stop. If you’re on a fast track, the brake light can help avoid accidents in case you apply a sudden brake.

4- Driving lamps

These lamps are located inside a car and provide appropriate lighting in the dark. You can use them to follow maps, find anything in the car, etc.

5- Backlights

Backlights (also called tail lights) are usually covered with red-colored plastic to lower the bulb’s brightness. They are at the back of the car to show its presence in the dark. They must be checked and maintained to avoid any road incident.

6- Fog lights

In winter, most of the time, it’s foggy everywhere. In fog, your headlights can’t work to indicate to other drivers that your car is on the way. For preventing this, fog lamps are used because they don’t bounce back due to fog.

7- Daytime Running Lights

These lights are specially installed for daytime driving and are switched on automatically. Some cars have an option to turn them off. These lights are used for making your car more visible to the other cars.

8- Signal lights

These lights are also known as blinkers or indicators. They are ‌in the front and the back of the car beside the headlights. Signal lights help the driver to indicate that where the car wants to move or turn. These indicators are very important and should be regularly checked and maintained.

There are many different types of lights other than the ones mentioned above that can be installed as per the vehicle’s needs.

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