tips to maintain your vehicle's resale value

10 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Buying a car is one of the major investments that people make in their lives. So it’s necessary to take proper care of them and maintain their value. Every vehicle starts to depreciate from the time of purchase. Despite that, there are a few tips and tricks by following which you can retain your vehicle’s resale value. Check them out below.

1. Always think of your car as your investment

This is the primary requirement to maintain a car’s value. When you think of your car as an investment, you automatically start taking proper care of it and become more conscious while driving. You consider your car as an asset and try to avoid extra depreciation by using it only as much as required.

2. Don’t repair your vehicle yourself

vehicle repair
Never repair your car yourself if you’re not a mechanic as this can create more problems for you. The system of a car is ‌complicated, it requires proper mechanical information to get it repaired. When trying to repair the vehicle on your own, something incorrect can happen, resulting in damage to the car’s system. This will decrease your car’s resale value too.

3. Drive on the smooth part of roads

If you’re driving on an uneven road, always try to be on the smoother part. Doing this will protect your car’s suspension from damage, increase the life of the tires, and will help your car in maintaining its resale value.

4. Keep your eyes on the Mileage

The first question every person asks while buying a car is about how much mileage the vehicle has on it. By asking this question a buyer judges that how much the vehicle is used. The ideal mileage per year is almost 12000 – 15000 miles. If a car’s used over 20000 miles per year, it’s considered a heavily used vehicle. When it crosses over 100000 miles, its value drops abruptly. So always be mindful of the mileage of your vehicle in order to get a good value for it at the time of sale.

5. Prevent from wear and tear

It’s very important to prevent your car from excessive wear and tear. If you don’t do that, your vehicle loses its value rapidly. In order to retain the condition of your vehicle, be watchful while sitting and driving. Also, never carry sharp objects in your car like shrubs or rods to save your car from damage.

6. Store in a safe place

Store your car in a safe place where there’s a proper roof on it, so if something falls from above, it can’t reach the car. A roof also prevents your car from sunlight and other atmospheric factors which can harm it. So always check the place where you’re parking your vehicle.

7. Use floor mats

Use floor mats in your car to save it from dirt, etc. to keep your car clean. By not using the floor mats, you’re increasing the probability of getting your vehicle damaged from the bottom. To maintain the car’s resale value, it’s mandatory to save it from such dangers.

8. Get your car’s service done regularly

It’s good to get your car’s service done regularly. Most people don’t get their vehicle’s service done until they have to. This negligence is bad for your vehicle and decreases its value. So it’s important to visit the car service center at least once a quarter. This helps in vehicle maintenance and its value retention.

9. Try to maintain the vehicle’s performance and condition

It’s a mandatory thing to maintain the performance and condition of your car if you want to retain your car’s resale value. Keep a check on the engine oil, brake oil, gear oil, and other types of oil that are used in your car. Oil change for cars is a very important part of car maintenance. Also, avoid the vehicle’s wheels from getting damaged, clean your car’s headlights, backlights, and other parts regularly. This will help you get a good amount at the time of its sale.

10. Fix the body and other problems before selling the car

When it’s time to sell your car, never just sell it in the condition it’s already in. Before selling it, always check and fix the issues, and get it repainted. By doing this, the vehicle appraisal increases, and the buyer becomes satisfied easily.

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