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A Handy Reference for Car Body Parts Names

Cars are intricate machines composed of numerous parts. These parts work together to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. A good understanding of the car components can be beneficial for vehicle owners in many ways. However, with a fair number of components in place, learning about all of them can be a tough task. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the car body parts names. Learning about these can help owners have a better understanding about their vehicles.

Car Body Parts Names

Knowledge about components helps to understand the vehicle’s functioning. Also, owners who know the car’s elements inside out can better determine the vehicle’s value.

Moreover, this helps owners carry out a multitude of DIY tasks. A better understanding of components also helps save money. For instance, owners who know their vehicles can better identify problems. This ensures that mechanics don’t overcharge them.

Let’s now explore the car anatomy of exterior and interior components in detail.

Exterior Parts Names

Listed below are the names of exterior car parts along with some details.

Roof and Pillars

The roof is the top part of the vehicle. It protects against external elements and extreme weather conditions. Roof size varies with vehicle type.

On the other hand, pillars support the car’s roof. These tightly hold the roof and help to keep it intact. Additionally, pillars support the windshield and other upper frame components.


The trunk is the storage space in a vehicle. Usually, it is located at the rear end. However, the trunk may be in the front of vehicles with engines at the rear.


Those wanting to learn the car body parts names should know about the bumpers. Located at the front, a bumper absorbs impact in the event of an accident. Consequently, it protects the front fascia. On the other hand, the rear bumper protects the backside of the vehicle.


It’s a small panel on the vehicle’s roof. It is of great use for ventilation and sky viewing. Also, drivers can open or close the lid as per their preference.

Signal Lights

These are located on both sides of the rear end. Signal lights inform other drivers about the direction you intend to take.

Car Front Parts Names

Here are the names of the major car front parts.


The hood houses the engine. It usually lies in the front portion of the vehicle. However, some vehicles have engines in the rear. The hood protects the engine from any sort of external damage.


It is the glass at the front side of the vehicle close to the dashboard. The material of the windshield may vary with the model. Mainly, its function is to protect drivers and passengers.


It is a decorative element located at the front fascia. In addition to adding appeal, it helps to enhance vehicle aerodynamics.


Headlights are a key safety element for a vehicle. Headlights help drive safely under dark conditions.

Side Component Names

Detailed below are the side components of a vehicle.


These allow entry and exit to and from the vehicle. Moreover, door designs may vary with vehicles. However, the primary function remains the same.


These are located above the wheels. Fenders protect the vehicle from rocks, dirt and sort of debris.

Side Mirrors

Available on both sides of the doors, these help with visibility. Drivers can keep track of the vehicles coming from behind.

Quarter Panel

It extends from the trunk to the rear door of the vehicle. Also, it provides structural support to vehicle chassis.

Underneath Parts of a Car

Besides the exterior components, some elements lie underneath the vehicle. Listed below are the car body parts names that are underneath the vehicle.


It is the major framework that connects all the car components. Additionally, the chassis bears the weight of the vehicle.


The suspension absorbs shocks during a ride. Consequently, it provides a stable and shock-free ride.

Exhaust System

An exhaust system performs several functions. For instance, It discharges harmful gasses and materials from the vehicle. Moreover, it helps to reduce exhaust noise.

Wheels and Tires

These are among the most important car components. Both of these help to make a vehicle mobile.

There you have it, all the major car body parts names to know about. Knowledge about car anatomy can come of great use. It helps to understand your vehicle better. Moreover, informed owners tend to keep their vehicles in better shape.

Therefore, learn the vehicle components’ names, their functions and enhance your car-owning experience as a whole.

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