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8 Clever Hacks to Protect Your Car Paint During Winters

Winter is a harsh season if you’re not protecting yourself properly, and even once you do wear all the layers of clothing you need, it doesn’t really save your skin from drying out; for that, you need to apply all kinds of lotions and hydrating gels. And just like your skin, your car’s body also suffers during the harsh and chilly winters. Meaning the snow, dew, or even rain that occurs during this season can damage your car paint if not protected properly.

Hence, in this article, we’re discussing all the ways you can prevent your car’s paint from getting damaged. Read along, and make sure you start applying these methods to your own vehicle if you aren’t doing so already.

1. Apply Wax

Applying wax to your car’s body is perhaps one of the best ways to protect its surface from damage. This protective layer of wax ensures there’s a barrier between your vehicle’s body and the salt, snow, grime, etc. that it can come in contact with during the winter. Although some parts of Pakistan don’t experience a lot of snowfall or even harsh winters, there are other parts of the country where the cold gets very harsh and snowstorms become a norm. But wax is a need regardless of where you live because even the slightest of dust and numbness can damage your vehicle.

2. Park Inside

Avoid parking your car outside during the winters, as this is the season when plow and salt trucks pass by the streets throughout the night to keep snow out of the road, and you don’t want snow or salt to get dumped over your vehicle. You also should park your car in a garage because you don’t want it to start heavily snowing through the night and your vehicle to get damaged or blocked by snow in the process.

3. Cover the Vehicle

One other way to keep your car safe from dew or snow is to cover it properly when parking it. This is also a better way of protecting the vehicle if you don’t have access to a garage. And it’s not just winters when this can come in handy, but also during the summers or the rainy season.

4. Paint Protection Film

The paint protection film is an important agent that helps keep your car’s body safe from damaging materials and preserves your vehicle’s paint job so that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get it fixed later. Some films are even self-healing, meaning even after coming into contact with damaging agents, they don’t chip away but preserve their quality as well as your car’s paint.

5. Touch-up the Paint

Another way to preserve your car’s paint during the winters is to have it get touched up once in a while as you go for its regular maintenance. This will ensure that, even after getting chipped off, your car paint is being maintained at a level that it doesn’t result in any form of corrosion for your vehicle’s body.

6. Brush-off Snow

Some auto part shops suggest using hard brushes and ice scrapers to remove snow from your vehicles. But the truth is, these hard brushes and scrapers can end up not just removing the snow, but also damaging your car’s body in the process, resulting in scratches or chipped paint. Hence, in order to remove snow from your vehicle’s body and to clean it up, it’s better to use foam head brooms designed to remove snow or brushes with soft bristles.

7. Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is another solution to keeping your car’s paint protected while also providing a shiny surface to the vehicle’s body. Although it’s not recommended to apply the ceramic coating by yourself, it’s a very delicate and detailed job best suited to a professional.

8. Wash the Car

Lastly, the best thing you can do for your vehicle is to get it washed on a regular basis, after every week or so. Once you get it washed in detail, you can easily apply wax or car paint or any additional protection you think the car needs. The biggest benefit of applying all these additional layers once your car is washed is that you maintain a clean and shiny surface, which then gets protected by the layers of wax etc. you’re choosing to apply after.

These are the basic ways you can protect your car’s paint from damages and corrosion that can be a hindrance to your vehicle’s life. If you require more advice on this or need to talk to a professional for your own car’s maintenance, contact the experts at Toyota Creek Motors.

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