All-New Toyota Yaris 2020 Is Here

New Year, New Car- The All-New Toyota Yaris 2020 Is Here

The wait is over! The new Toyota Yaris 2020 is launched in Pakistan!. It is the latest product by Toyota Pakistan which will bring you the comfort and luxury that you hadn’t experienced before. The car is available in a total of 6 variants, including 1.3 and two 1.5 engines
Get Car Maintenance Done at Toyota Dealership

Why Should You Get Car Maintenance Done at Toyota Dealership?

If you have a car and love it, you must be very careful about it. Car maintenance is the only method to take care of your car properly. Keeping your car maintained can prevent major and costly repairs. If you won’t take care of your car, then you can face many issues
best cbu vehicles in pakistan

CBU Vehicles: Getting to Know Toyota Hiace & Its Variants

If you’re an automobile enthusiast or someone with basic knowledge about cars then you must be familiar with the term CBU vehicles & even if you’re not then don’t worry, we’re here to help. In layman terms, CBU or Completely Built-Up Vehicle means a type of vehicle that is assembled in a foreign country