The sleek Prius design is certainly unique, but it’s also a very deliberate combination of form and function. Its exterior lines are the product of the most extensive wind tunnel testing of any Toyota model. Each part works as one, from the refined body, aero-cornered bumpers, side mirrors and sculpted roof, to provide a seamless aerodynamic flow over and under the car. This specifically shaped form also provides tangible economy and emissions benefits to further enhance its Hybrid engineering pedigree.


Driving from A to B is now smoother and easier, thanks to the smarter, more intuitive instruments in Prius. The ergonomically advanced instrument panel encourages harmonious interaction with the controls and dials by placing them at your fingertips and right before your eyes. The Head-Up Display (HUD) appears directly in your line of vision, so you never have to take your eyes off the road to monitor speed and other functions including Satellite Navigation4 (i-Tech® model only). This leaves you free to drive more safely, smoothly and efficiently.


When driving Prius you’ll be protected by an abundance of advanced passive and active safety features, including the reassuring security of seven SRS airbags. There’s Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) that uses electronic sensors to help deal with any potential oversteer or understeer. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to maximise braking efficiency by increasing the brake force to the wheel(s) that need it most, while Brake Assist (BA) will apply extra brake pressure during an emergency to ensure the shortest and safest possible braking distance. In the i-Tech® model, the Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS)6 detects when a crash may be imminent and takes precautions, including alerting the driver, improved braking performance through Brake Assist (BA), and if the brakes are not applied, on certain models the PCS System will automatically apply the brakes and retract the seatbelts of the front passengers to reduce the chance of an injury.