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Pros and Cons of PPF Coating on Your Car

Bought a new car and worried about its paint getting damaged from discoloring and scratching? Or are you considering advertising on your vehicle and want the paint to work as a shiny backdrop? The answer is to opt for PPF coating on your car. As the name indicates, its main purpose is to protect the surface paint from deteriorating, offering a smooth, and glossy finish. It is essentially a polyurethane-based substance that is transparent and can restore if the top layer is scraped.

It can also be applied to the vehicle’s surface to safeguard against dirt, stains, and stone chips, or only on the areas where the paint has worn off to make it look bright and fresh again. So, before coming to a decision on whether paint protection film is needed for your car or not, let’s examine some of its pros and cons.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film

If you’re considering investing in car paint protection to maintain your car’s paintwork in crisp condition, there are the following advantages to take into account.

1- Long-Lasting Protection

Most high-quality car protection films last up to five to seven years of continual use, depending on the driving conditions, wear, and tear, and preservation. Before making a purchase decision, make sure to thoroughly research the kinds of films and materials available in the market, and choose certified and adequately trained professionals to install them on your car.

2- Easy to Remove

Another noteworthy advantage of car paint protection film is that it is easy to remove, unlike a regular paint job, leaving no traces behind. This is why it is important to approach professionals to get it removed since doing so ensures little to almost no damage to the vehicle’s paint. Easy removal is also particularly beneficial if you’re planning to resell your car in the future, you only need to remove the film and unveil the vehicle with a perfect paint finish underneath.

3- Advanced Protection from Chemicals

Paint protective films offer superior protection against chemicals, corrosion, and other harmful pollutants. In addition, they provide stain resistance and minimize paint damage pertaining to stone chips. Many updated PPF coatings are enabled with UV protection to shield your car’s base and clear coats from sun damage due to extensive exposure over time.

4- Enhanced Finish

PPF gives a polished, sleek, and enhanced finish to your car with its high-gloss durability It is a self-healing material that combats dents and scratches caused by rocks or faded paint due to harsh sun exposure, paint protection film will give your car a shiny and pleasant appearance.

Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film

While there are impressive benefits of PPF coating, it is certainly not recommended for everyone. Here are some of the downsides that you should consider before taking your call.

1- High Cost

Getting a paint protection film installed is a costly endeavor, much of which depends on the quality of material, the credibility of professionals, and the amount of vehicle surface you want to be covered. This is why it is generally regarded by people who own luxury vehicles and plan to resell them in the future.

2- Prone to Damage

PPF films act as a shield for your car’s exterior but are not indestructible. If your vehicle undergoes a lot of wear and tear, there’s a likelihood that it will fade away, and you will need to get it replaced within a time period of two to three years. This won’t only add to the cost, but will also make the paint more susceptible to damage.

3- Poor Installation

Ruining your investment before reaping any benefit out of it is the last thing you want to encounter. Hence, it is necessary to get it done by expert technicians at a reputable dealership like Toyota Creek Motors. By having it done professionally, you will not end up contemplating what to do about bubbles, dust, and dirt under your newly done PPF wrapping.

To sum it up, PPF is an excellent way to keep your car looking new and fresh. However, whether to get it done or not depends on a lot of factors, such as cost, the expertise of installers, and your long-term plan related to reselling your car. For more information and pricing details, get in touch with our experts at Toyota Creek Motors. Visit: https://toyotacreek.com/ or call us at 021-111-334-632

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