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Specs and Features of the New Toyota Land Cruiser

A vehicle that oozes prestige and class, has been around since the 1950s and continues to be treasured by car enthusiasts. An SUV that has been the epitome of luxury, comfort, durability, power, safety, and style. With all the hints and qualities mentioned, there should be no surprise if you have already narrowed it down to Land Cruiser. Toyota didn’t become an automotive giant overnight, their legacy is justified even if they produced only the all-time Classic Land Cruiser, which has been upgraded and revamped in technology, design, and performance over time.

Whether you want an off-road adventure or a luxurious urban family car; whether it’s about the performance faculties, flawless safety features, or awe-inspiring design aesthetics – you can’t go wrong with the new Toyota Land Cruiser. Let’s dig a bit deeper to see what sets the New Land Cruiser 2022 apart.

1- Panache Exterior:

Land Cruiser stands out from the crowd with its majestic grandeur and simplicity. It embodies an exterior that combines the toughness of a genuine off-roader with a level of urban sophistication. Both the radiator grille and the headlights are positioned high-up, and the lower parts of both front and rear bumpers are shaped to avoid obstacles.

2- Luxurious and Comfortable Interior:

The new Land Cruiser contains an auto 4-Zone seat independent climate control air conditioner. Also, both the front and second row of seats feature comfortable heating/cooling seats via seat ventilation. Land Cruiser 300 Series ZX is your personal jukebox with the loud yet sophisticated JBL Sound system that contains 14 speakers and a highly user-friendly 12.3” Touch screen infotainment system to make your ride more enjoyable. Land Cruiser 300 series ZX has been equipped with individual seat adjustment setting smart buttons for all seats and additionally, the driver’s seat has been equipped with the memory function to personalize seat adjustment for each driver’s profile (x3).

3- Off-Road Muscles:

Land Cruiser has always been the first choice for off-roading enthusiasts, the 300 series LC ZX has been muscled with a robust 3.5 L Turbo V6 engine with AJAOF 10 Speed Automatic Transmission to produce the torque of 650Nm@ 2000-3600 rpm. This Beast has been Equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension System (AVS) and Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management (VDIM) to make you experience one hell of a ride despite the terrain structure.

4- Family SUV:

Often car manufacturers ignore the spatial requirements of families, but with the Land Cruiser’s spacious room, this problem is no more. With a seating capacity of up to seven people and a massive storage area, not to mention comfortable leg space it becomes an ideal family SUV.

5- State of the Art Safety Features:

Besides multiple airbags and necessary fog lights, its new 3D-multi-terrain monitor assists the driver in determining the road conditions around the vehicle helps with determining the blind spots, and facilitates safer and more confident off-road handling. It also has a parking support brake which helps mitigate collisions when parking or otherwise driving at low speeds.

6- Enhanced Performance:

The new Land Cruiser with its high rigidity is lighter in its body and frame, with a lower center of gravity and superior weight distribution overall. It has a suspension control system that automatically and electronically controls each front and rear stabilizer independently, reacting to road conditions and the individual conditions of each of the four wheels to provide more precise stabilization adjustments.

All in all, buying a vehicle is one of the most important and expansive purchases you make, and it often leads to procrastination. So rather than fretting, just get in touch with Toyota Creek and let the car experts take care of your worries. To scout out its range of colors and a variety of petrol and diesel variants, visit here.

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