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6 Tips to Protect Your Car During Monsoon Season

Just like people are worried about protecting the exterior of their houses during the monsoon season, they should also care as much about their car during such conditions. After all, it’s your car that will do most of the traveling during the rainy season, with watery and muddy roads, and other forms of dirt and objects that can hinder its performance. Water is good to wash your car, but you should remember that it’s not a lifelong friend of your car’s surface or interior. Hence, in this blog, you can find some important tips on how you can protect your car during the monsoon season.

1. Check Battery and Wiring

During the rainy season, even if you cover your car in every way possible in an attempt to protect it from rain, there’s still no guarantee that all parts of your car, outside or inside, will stay dried out. Hence, the first check you must perform is ensuring whether all your battery wires and fuses are well-insulated. It’s not rocket science to know why electricity and water can not be at the same place. Hence, to avoid any mishaps, you need to keep a check on the battery.

2. Check the Tires

Another thing you need to check is your car’s tires. If your tire’s treads have debris or any other kind of dust stuck in them, it’ll disrupt your smooth driving experience, and it will also be unsafe for you since the roads are slippery during this season for obvious reasons. You can perform this check at home or take help from a professional so that even if your tires need changing, you can get it done on time without experiencing any accidents or damages.

3. Anti-rust Under-body Coating

The upper surfaces of your car aren’t the only parts exposed to rain, the lower surfaces need protecting as well. Therefore, you need to protect the under-body with an anti-rust coating in order to avoid the formation of rust and cause problems to your car’s functioning. At Toyota Creek Motors, you’ll find professionals ready to help you out with all of these problems.

4. Cover the Car even while Parked Inside

The most sensible thing to do during the monsoon is to park your car under the shed, but even if you do that, you need to cover the car entirely with waterproof covers to make sure not even a drop of water can enter through and cause any problems. These covers protect your car not just from rain but also other unfavorable weather conditions such as dust storms, rusting, bird droppings, exposure to the sun’s UV rays, etc.

5. Prepare an Emergency Kit

You need to be prepared for any kind of situation, hence an emergency kit goes beyond just the monsoon season. It needs to have first aid items, extra cash, extra lubricants or petrol, a water bottle, snacks, an emergency cell phone, etc.

6. Windshield Coating

While driving during the rain, one of the most dangerous aspects is to have your vision covered because the rain is hitting your windshield too hard. Hence, it’s necessary to invest in windshield water repellers or coatings to ensure your vision isn’t blocked, especially if your wipers aren’t working, which you need to get fixed asap from a professional.

These were our tips on how you can protect your car during the monsoon season. Remember, any kind of weather can prove to be damaging to your car’s functioning and durability, but if you know how to protect it properly, you’ll solve more than half the problems those weather conditions can cause to your vehicle. For more information and to get your queries answered, contact Toyota Creek Motors.

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