Toyota Sure Certified Vehicles

Toyota Sure Certified Vehicles – A Guide

Indus Motors Company Ltd. introduced a Toyota Trade-in program in Pakistan a little while ago. And ever since then, it has become easier than ever to exchange your existing car with a certified Toyota vehicle without any waiting period or get a brand-new vehicle as per standard delivery timelines. The Toyota SURE Certified Used Vehicle program has been designed just for your convenience and comfort, while also providing you with guaranteed, quality deals.

The program comprises the following constituents:

  • T-Sure Trade-in
  • T-Sure Certified Vehicle
  • T-Sure Purchase

With the Trade-In program, you can hand in your used vehicles and drive away with a certified used Toyota by paying the remaining balance amount. It’s a time-saving practice that takes only a few hours if you’re sure of what you want and clear on the amount you’re willing to spend and the car you’re providing in return. It just takes a few steps to complete. Basically, any model of a car are allowed in the Trade-In program.

With Toyota Sure Certified Vehicles, you’ll need to follow some similar steps, but there are some minor differences. Firstly, the car you exchange will be a used Certified Toyota.

6 Steps to Exchange Your Car

  1. Bring your old car, any model, or build (up to 10 years old).
  2. Provide your details.
  3. Find your vehicle’s market rate by the expert sales staff.
  4. Select a Toyota of your choice.
  5. Allow the sales advisor to prepare a deal.
  6. Pay the balance amount and drive away with a certified Toyota.

Types of Vehicles eligible for T-Sure Certification

Only the vehicles sold by Toyota and Daihatsu sold through Indus Motor Co. are eligible for certification. Non-Indus Toyota and Daihatsu and any other vehicles are not allowed in the certified program, but they’re eligible to be exchanged in the Trade-In program.

Why Exchange from Toyota Creek Motors?

  • Best prices for your vehicle based on market analysis
  • Best deals for new vehicles
  • Attractive car financing schemes
  • Easy and convenient documentation
  • The best Toyota dealership in town with guaranteed quality services
  • Hassle-free transactions.

What the Warranty Covers:

The Warranty formula for T-Sure Certified Vehicles is as given below:

TSCV Warranty + Remaining Toyota Warranty = Total Warranty

For example,

  • Remaining Toyota Warranty = 3 months
  • Standard Used car warranty = 6 months
  • Offered Warranty on used car = 9 months

The warranty offered on Toyota Sure Certified Vehicles will be limited and only cover engine and transmission.

The Benefits of T-Sure:

  • Up to 1 year or 15,000 KM OEM Warranty, that can be availed at any Toyota Dealership in Pakistan.
  • Only the best cars are qualified for T-Sure to provide customers with the best services and quality.
  • T-Sure is available at any 3S dealership in Pakistan.

This was a basic guide to what you should be aware of when investing in a Toyota Sure Certified Vehicle. If you’re looking for more information on this or any other topic regarding Toyota vehicles, you need to contact a trusted Toyota dealership, e.g. Toyota Creek Motors.

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