Toyota Yaris 2023 specification

Toyota Yaris 2023 Specifications

Toyota is a top global carmaker, known for its dependable and efficient vehicles. The Toyota Yaris, a popular subcompact car, has won admiration worldwide for its practicality and affordability. Now, with the upcoming launch of the Toyota Yaris 2023 in Pakistan, car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its arrival with great excitement.

Toyota Yaris Engine Size

The Toyota Yaris 2023 has a fuel-efficient car and a powerful engine at its core, a 1.5-liter inline-four-cylinder. It continues Toyota’s tradition of reliable and strong powertrains. Furthermore, this engine size provides a good balance of performance and fuel economy, making it perfect for both city commutes and long journeys.

The 1.5-liter engine in the Yaris features Toyota’s advanced technology, such as variable valve timing and intelligent variable valve lift. These improvements make the engine more efficient, providing a smooth driving experience with lower emissions. Additionally, the engine is expected to deliver impressive power, making it ideal for driving in both urban traffic and on highways.

Toyota Yaris Weight

The weight of a vehicle is crucial for its performance, fuel efficiency, and driving dynamics. Therefore, Toyota carefully engineered the 2023 Yaris to maintain an optimal weight.
The Toyota Yaris has compact dimensions, measuring 1505 mm in height, 3940 mm in length, and 1695 mm in width, with a wheelbase of 2550 mm. Its unladen weight is 1025 kg, making it a lightweight yet sturdy vehicle. Generally falling within the lightweight subcompact category, weight figures may vary depending on trims and options.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the Yaris offers nimble handling and responsiveness, making it easy to maneuver in tight city spaces. Moreover, the reduced weight enhances fuel efficiency, helping drivers save money at the gas pump and reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, these features make the Yaris an excellent choice for practical and eco-friendly urban driving.

Toyota Yaris 1.5 Price in Pakistan

The pricing of the Toyota Yaris 2023 in Pakistan is a key consideration for prospective buyers. Toyota has long been associated with providing value for money, and the Yaris is no exception. Expected pricing for the Toyota Yaris 1.5 varies based on trim level and optional features, ranging from PKR 5,442,000 to PKR 5,982,500.

Toyota Yaris 2023 Launch Date in Pakistan

Although the rupee depreciation has impacted Pakistan’s auto industry, the global automobile sector is flourishing with many new car models. Among them is the much-awaited Toyota Yaris 2023, which is getting ready for its debut.

The 4th generation Yaris 2023 will be revealed on August 9, 2023, specifically for the South Asian markets. However, in Pakistan, the current Toyota Yaris belongs to the 3rd generation and is positioned below the premium sedan Toyota Corolla.


The Toyota Yaris 2023 sets a new standard for subcompact cars in Pakistan, offering a capable engine, lightweight design, affordability, and Toyota’s renowned reliability. As the launch date nears, prospective buyers eagerly anticipate exploring the Yaris’s various trims and features for a perfect match. It promises to be a remarkable addition to Pakistan’s automotive scene for daily commutes, weekend getaways, or city exploration.

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