Toyota Yaris Interior

Toyota Yaris Interior Specs & Features

The automobile industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world. We have witnessed the automotive industry’s transition from conventional petrol cars to electric cars, and now solar cars are all set to take the market. Leading automobile brands have also evolved with time. Speaking of leading auto brands, Toyota is a shining example of evolving with time.

Toyota is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers around the world and its vehicles are highly anticipated and sought out. One of the famous Toyota models is the Yaris which has a fan base of its own. The Toyota Yaris interior, exterior, and unique features all contribute to making it a highly successful model.

A Brief History of Toyota Yaris


The first generation was launched in 1999. It was code-named XP10. The first generation was available in Yaris sedan, Yaris hatchback, and Yaris coupe versions. The first generation was also equipped with power windows, power mirrors, power steering, and airbags. The production of the first generation was halted in 2005.


Launched in 2005 and went out of production in 2013. All body versions except for the coupe were available for the second generation.


The third generation was manufactured from 2013 to 2020.


It was launched in 2020. Three trim levels were included named G, X and Z. A four-wheel drive variant was also launched for the fourth generation.


Over the years, different models of Yaris have been launched which are known by different names in different countries. The Yaris hatchback is also known by Vitz in some countries while the Sedan is known as Belta and Platz. However, the names do not undermine the quality specifications that have been used in Yaris. The Toyota Yaris interior, for instance, is one of the best there is. Let’s learn more about the Toyota Yaris interior and features.


Toyota Yaris has a sleek and stylish interior built keeping modern needs and designs in mind. Yaris interior includes the following:

  • A multi-information display with a 4.2-inch TFT Screen – Check out the speed and fuel levels on the 4.2-inch TFT screen. The TFT screen enhances the image quality giving you a better riding experience.
  • Auto AC with Climate Control – Let the smart system handle your car’s temperature. Climate control can also be a fuel-efficient method.
  • 6.8-inch capacitive touchscreen – What good is a car without infotainment? Enjoy your favorite songs and shows on the 6.8-inch screen. Witness quality graphics at their best
  • 6 advanced speakers – Make some noise in your Toyota Yaris. The 6 advanced speakers can make the passengers and bystanders groove with their unmatched sound quality and frequency.
  • Steering switches with audio and Bluetooth – Get the feeling of driving a concept car with steering switches. Keep our hands on the steering and still have control over the audio system.
  • Comfort space – The extra spacious and comfortable seats make Toyota Yaris interior one to look out for. The material used in production is of high quality and fully meets modern demands.
Yaris Interior

This was everything about Toyota Yaris interior and specifications. Toyota has kept its tradition of producing quality vehicles alive with Yaris. With its unique design and features, it can be a status symbol along with being a fine family car. You can visit Toyota’s official website or trusted dealers to book the latest models and get a Toyota Yaris in your collection.

Stay tuned for car specifications and more from the automobile world.

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