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What Causes Bad Wheel Alignment and How to Spot It?

Safe car handling requires a good wheel alignment. It is essential that all the wheels of your vehicle are properly aligned with each other. This will benefit the tires to travel straight and avoid premature wear and tear.

There are various ways in which the wheel alignment of your car may be off. It is usually referred to as bad wheel alignment. The most common and easily detectable is that it will tilt to one side or the other. This situation may also be caused by the overloading of a wheel, which would cause it to lean in towards the center of the vehicle.

Now, if you are driving with a bad wheel alignment, the wheels will wear down quickly and unevenly. You will be facing trouble in steering or controlling the car.

We recommend that you see what bad wheel alignment causes are and then take care of them as soon as you finish the diagnosis. This may be related to bad driving habits, weather, road conditions, and more.

If you observe that your car pulls to one side when you drive straight or if you notice that the tires are wearing down unevenly, this shall be time to look for bad wheel alignment solutions. We have enlisted a few signs to look for while detecting bad wheel alignment:

1. Car Pulls to One Side Or The Other:

While you are behind the steering wheel and driving straight down the road, take your hands off the wheel. A vehicle with perfect wheel alignment should head straight. Whereas this situation could vary from time to time, and a bad or uneven road could affect it.
But if your car is pulling the same way when you’re not actively holding the steering wheel in place consistently chances are you need to get wheel alignment done on the vehicle.

2. Steering wheel is not properly aligned:

If you completely center your steering wheel, the front wheels of your car should be at the center too. If you center the steering wheel while you’re turning the vehicle, that’s an alignment issue. This problem could be attached to the bad wheel alignment or steering wheel alignment. Whatever the problem is, you would need to get it fixed.

3. The Tires Wear Unevenly:

When the wheels are badly aligned, and you do not get any bad alignment solutions, this will become a huge contribution to the wear and tear of your tires. The tires will become uneven and even rotating them properly can help you temporarily. It will quicken the average wear of your tires and that situation will not be very easy on your pocket.

When one of the tires is not straight while you are riding the car, it will consciously be rubbing against the road at an angle. It will cause premature wear, and you will need to replace the tires far sooner than your routine replacing. You may also notice unusual wear patterns on the tires.

The tires of your vehicle are meant to last for a long period to save you from trouble now and then. It is highly advised to schedule tire rotations as suggested by the car manual. This will help you further in avoiding uneven wear out.

Also, the steering and suspension components of the wheel are under great stress, and they too will wear down prematurely.

4. Strange noises:

If your vehicle is making strange noises, it signifies that the car may have problems like suspension, loose parts, or bad wheel alignment. Squeaking, squealing, creaking, or knocking sounds from under the car, it is bad wheel alignment.

The noise comes when the tires are being dragged on the road instead of rolling normally. You will happen to hear all of these sounds and noises considering them a cry for help. Find bad alignment solutions immediately.

5. Car shakes or vibrates on the road:

If the wheel alignment has worsened to the point that you can sense your car shaking or vibrating while steering, this is a bad wheel alignment emergency.
The cause of the vibrations is that the tire skips across the road while you drive it. This skipping will put all the pressure on the steering components which join the steering wheel and tires. And all this will cause your car to shake and vibrate.

6. Bumpy Ride:

Lastly, all the above-mentioned signs will add up together and make your ride bumpy and turbulent. This will be a bad driving+riding experience and very, very unsafe, not only for you but the other vehicles on the road too.

Bad wheel alignment is a vehicle emergency, proper alignment is a critical part of your car maintenance routine. You may think it is alright if the alignment is a bit off, but you need to realize that in a long run it will get worse and cause more damage.

Premature wear down of the tires is just the start, if the alignment is bad enough the next will be your steering wheel and components, and ultimately it will cause other components to break down.

The bad wheel alignment reduces the performance of your vehicle, which will keep you from accelerating as quickly, and more importantly, will increase the necessary braking distance.

A solution to all these performances and premature wear concerns is you need to get your alignment fixed as soon as you notice a problem.

Now you might think a bad wheel alignment solution is expensive, which is far from the truth. It will be a small price to pay to get a few thousand more miles safely out of your tires. And it will further save your suspension and steering components for more years.

The small price will pay for itself down the road for a long time. Now if you detect these symptoms, any of them, reach out to Toyota Creek Motors.

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