The Best Tips on how to clean car seat covers

Indeed, car seats have a tendency to become quite messy. From crushed snacks and juice spills to big messes, they can change your clean seat into something sticky and smelly. It’s normal for car seats to get dirty, so don’t feel bad about it. Though it’s true that a clean car seat is preferred by everyone!

Cleaning a dirty seat, whether it needs a quick wipe or a thorough wash, might seem hard. It’s important to clean it the right way to make sure it stays safe and works right.

So, we’re here to share some advice on cleaning your car seat to kill germs, remove bad smells, and keep it looking and smelling fresh. Follow these tips, and you’ll know how to do your car interior cleaning.

Clean Messes Right Away.

If you don’t clean the mess quickly, it gets harder to clean. If there’s a big mess, like a sick kid or a milk spill, you might want to wait. But, it’s best to clean it right away, or you’ll wish you had.

The longer a mess stays, the more it sticks and gets into the seat. This makes cleaning tougher and can leave bad smells. To avoid hard work or replacing parts, clean up fast.

Tip: Keep cleaning supplies in your car. Then, if there’s a mess while you’re out, you can quickly wipe it up. Later, you can clean it better.

Read The Manual

Car seat makers know their seats best. The manual tells you not only how to put the seat but also how to do car interior cleaning. It will have exact steps and let you know if you can wash the padding in a machine.

Vacuum Out What You Can

First, use a small vacuum or one with a narrow attachment to clean the seat. This helps pick up crumbs from tight spots and gets the fabric ready for washing.

Be Careful With The Harness Straps.

First, the harness straps are key for safety. They spread out the force in a crash to protect your child. It’s important to keep them in good shape.

But don’t wash them in a machine or use rough scrubbers. This can weaken them. Also, don’t soak the straps in water as they can wear out faster.

To clean the straps, just use water and a soft cloth. For the crotch buckle, use a cup of water. Turn it upside down and swirl it to clear any stuck stuff. Ensuring that the seat buckles correctly is an important aspect to consider.

Use Only Water Or Mild Soap.

For car interior cleaning, don’t use strong cleaners like bleach or vinegar. They can harm the seat’s materials, making it not work as well.

To clean leather seats, just use warm water to get rid of dirt. If you need more cleaning power, a mild soap and water mix is good. Stay away from bleach or ammonia products, they’re bad for leather.

If you don’t have gentle soap, water-based wipes are a gentle choice for the seat and safe for your baby’s skin.

For the seat’s padding, cleaning spots with dish soap and water is effective. If the manual says it’s okay, you can machine wash the padding. Just use a detergent without extra stuff in it.

Use Microfiber Cleaning Towels

Even if there are hard stains or old, stuck-on dirt, don’t use steel wool or scouring pads from your kitchen. Instead, when cleaning, only use a soft cloth. This helps protect the cover and stops harm to the important, strong fibers in the harness straps that keep you safe.

Wash the Padding in the Machine Only if Permitted by the Manual

Even if removing the seat covers and padding seems easy, don’t rush to machine wash them. Always check the manual first. Some can be machine washed.

A useful trick: Film yourself taking off the cover. This helps when you need to put it back on.

If the manual says you can machine wash the cover, follow those steps. If not, just use warm water and a little gentle soap to wash it by hand in the sink.

Some covers can be dried in a dryer, but many need to air dry. If you’re air drying, it could take some time. To make it faster, wrap the cover in a thick towel on the floor to absorb water. Then, place it near a fan to dry quicker. Once it’s dry, use the manual to help reassemble the car seat.

Use The Power Of The Sun

If warm water and gentle soap don’t remove the stain or bad smell, don’t rush to use strong cleaners. Instead, try using the sun! The sun is great for making fabric smell fresh, lightening stains naturally, and killing germs.

That’s right, the sun plays a powerful role in cleaning and disinfecting! Finish the cleaning as well as you can. Then, let it dry in direct sunlight for a few hours. This way, you’ll get all the good things the sun offers!

Replace Parts If They’re Beyond Saving.

When struggling to clean a very dirty or old car seat, avoid using strong cleaners not recommended in the manual. It’s often better to just replace parts, keeping the seat clean and safe for your child

Additionally, many brands sell new covers and straps. If you’re unsure or can’t find them online, contacting the company’s customer service is a good idea; they can help. If you can’t get the needed part from the brand, you may need to buy a new seat.


Car interior cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about maintenance and durability. By following these tips, you can keep the interior fresh, clean, and comfortable. Remember, regular care not only extends the life of your seat covers but also maintains the overall hygiene of the interior.

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