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Tips to Fix Your Vehicle’s Dents – DIY Car Dent Repair

There’s nothing more stressful than seeing dents on your newly purchased car after you parked it outside the grocery store or in the basement parking of the mall. Even if you are a careful driver, you can still end up with unwanted dents due to wrongly parked vehicles, shopping carts placed in the parking lot, or random pebbles on the road. Since getting professional dent car repair services can be expensive for most of us, we would be less motivated to fix this issue right away.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about breaking your wallet, as there are various DIY methods that you can try to restore the original appearance of your precious automobile. There are numerous methods to remove dents from your car by using everyday household items such as a hairdryer, plunger, or vacuum cleaner. You might not be able to pull off all of these methods, so you need to decide which would you would be able to carry out without any issue.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before starting the DIY repair task, we recommend inspecting the intensity and severity of dents sitting on your car’s body. If the dent marks are wide and spread across the body of your vehicle, then it might be difficult for you to restore it on your own. In such a situation, you would have to accept your fate that you need to get your car repaired by an auto repair professional such as Toyota Creek Motors.

However, if it’s just a minor dent mark, then you might have a chance of doing the job in your own garage. Make sure to wear protective gloves and safety measures throughout the time while you are attempting to repair the dents on your car. Here are some tips that you can try to fix dents on your vehicle.

1- Repair the Dents Using a Hairdryer

While you might be surprised to hear it, you can use your hairdryer to fix a small dent in the car. To get started, you will need to get some basic items such as rubber gloves, aluminum foil, dry ice, and a hairdryer. After carefully assessing the surface area covered by the dent, heat the entire affected part using your hairdryer. While you are at it, make sure to keep your hairdryer at least 6 inches away from your car’s body. Also, make sure to wear rubber gloves to avoid any chances of injury.

Once the dented surface has been adequately heated up, cover it with a piece of aluminum foil. Now, you will have to cool the dent by gently rubbing dry ice over the foil. This sudden change in temperature will cause the dent to pop out within a few minutes.

2- Plunger Method

Your plunger isn’t just a basic household tool used to clear clogged drains and pipes, but you can also use it to get rid of dents on your car. Sprinkle some water on the dented area, and then press the plunger firmly over it. After applying some pressure on the surface, pull away the plunger making sure that you do this without pulling at an angle.

You also have to keep in mind that this trick is only doable if you have a sink plunger that is designed to clean a flat surface. A flange plunger won’t help you get the job done efficiently.

3- Fix Your Dented Bumper Using Boiling Water

This trick only works for parts of your car that are made out of plastic, such as a typical plastic bumper. For this method, you will need a pot of boiling water and a bucket of cold water.

After assessing the dent on your bumper, pour the boiling water carefully over it. Get your hands on the backside of the bumper to pop the dent out. If you can’t reach the dented part with your hands, then you might have to remove the bumper. Finally, pour the bucket of cold water over it to make the dent marks go away.

4- Use a Vacuum Cleaner and a Bucket

If you have a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, then you can easily deal with minor dents on your car. To amplify the suction power of your vacuum machine, you can use an empty bucket with it. You will have to make a small hole from the bottom of the bucket, and stick the vacuum nozzle through the hole, making sure that the hole is airtight. Once the nozzle is tightly placed in the bucket hole, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner to pop out the dent.

5- Hot Glue, Wood Dowels, And Screws Pulling Method

While this method requires engineering skills on your part, it offers a safe way of removing dents on your car without chipping away the paint. For proper execution, you will be required to use some physical force to pop out the dents. To get started, you will have to insert screws on one end of a couple of wood dowels, as this would help you take a firm grip on the other end of the screws. Apply some melted glue on the clear side of the dowels, and stick the dowels in evenly spaced areas covering the dent.

When the glue has dried, start pulling the dowels away with a maximum force to make the dents pop out. This method will increase your chances of popping out the dent, as you will attempt to be working on multiple points of impact around the dent. Hence, you will be able to make the dents go away without ending up with any paint chips.

No matter what DIY method you select, make sure to give it some time because it is a multi-step process. Doing it too quickly or pulling the metal too hard can make things worse for you. If you managed to get the dent out, then you deserve a pat on the back.

However, if you can still see the dent, then it might be time that you contact a reliable car dent repair company such as Toyota Creek Motors. With over a decade’s experience in the automotive industry, we are experts in the auto maintenance field. Make sure to give us a call if you are not able to remove the dents and dings on your own.

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