Diesel vs Petrol Cars

Diesel Cars vs Petrol Cars—What’s a Better Choice?

Which engine is superior, a diesel car vs. a petrol car? Which works better? This is a question that every auto enthusiast must answer before making a purchase. The reality is that there is no clear-cut answer because all vehicles have benefits and drawbacks.

Understanding all the elements that automobile fuel affects—from routine costs to the car’s overall performance—is essential for making an informed decision. All the important considerations you should have in mind while choosing between gasoline and diesel are discussed in this tutorial.

Pricing Of Diesel Or Petrol Cars

Diesel cars tend to be more expensive to buy as compared to petrol cars, as most times the manufacturers ask more for diesel models than their petrol equivalents. If you travel a lot and drive numerous miles per annum then the diesel car average can easily give you a better value for the money than you spent to purchase it.

Even though the fuel efficiency of diesel cars is economical in the long run, you still might want o keep in mind the cost of maintenance and servicing that will be slightly higher than that of petrol cars. However, petrol engines might have more issues throughout their lifetime as compared to diesel cars.

Moving on to the insurance prices, the cost might vary between diesel cars vs petrol cars, with diesel vehicles being a little more costly. It is always better to get a few insurances quoted to make sure that you are seeing the complete picture.

The cost of both petrol and diesel cars might also be very different depending on whether you are leasing it or purchasing the car outright. And the last thing to consider while making your big purchase is the resale value too. The resale of diesel cars that are approximately five to ten years used is re-selling more than 8-10% more than their petrol counterparts. This means that diesel vehicles are presently holding more value than petrol vehicles.

A quick FAQ: Which Toyota land cruiser is the best diesel or petrol? A diesel Toyota land cruiser is a better option as it doesn’t require higher octane. It gives better fuel consumption, nor does its injector gets clogged easily.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Petrol Cars


  1. Petrol cars are less expensive as compared to diesel cars
  2. The maintenance of a petrol engine car is typically less costly than a diesel car of the same model.
  3. The variants and models of the petrol versions are easily available in the market, especially the hatchback models.
  4. The petrol engine tends to make less noise as compared to the diesel engine.
  5. A petrol engine is more powerful and responsive than a diesel engine.


    1. The amount of CO2 emission in petrol cars is high, therefore, tax price is also increased.
    2. The petrol car average is considerably low as compared to the diesel car average.
    3. The petrol engine can not be used in larger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and pickups.
    4. The resale value of a petrol car is less than that of a diesel car.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diesel Cars

Diesel Car Benefits:

  1. Diesel cars have fuel efficiency that is higher than petrol cars. This feature makes them cheaper to have for a longer time than petrol vehicles
  2. The engine of large vehicles is mostly available in diesel.
  3. Diesel engine tends to outperform petrol engine at higher altitude as petrol engine requires a specific air ratio and oil to function.
  4. The depreciation of diesel cars is slower than that of petrol cars, which means a higher resale value.
  5. Diesel engine vehicles require less maintenance and typically have longer life spans than their petrol counterparts.

Diesel Car Drawbacks:

  1. Many small and budget-friendly cars such as hatchbacks are only available in petrol variants.
  2. For high-speed driving, the petrol engine performs better than the diesel engine.
  3. The production of diesel cars is very low which is why they cost more than petrol cars of the same model.
  4. Generally, diesel cars make a louder noise than petrol cars of the similar or same specification and power


Before buying your vehicle it is essential to know which type of fuel is going to work for you for a longer period of time.

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