How to Clean Car AC Evaporator

How to Clean Car AC Evaporator without Removing It?

Why is maintenance essential?

If you’re a new car owner, then probably you’re unaware of the importance of maintenance. However, veteran owners know the importance and significance of efficient maintenance. A vehicle’s smooth functionality is a result of the quality of care that a car enjoys

Is AC maintenance necessary?

A question often asked by people who live in mild to cold areas is, “Can’t you live without an air conditioner?”. This is usually met with annoyance and sighs of frustration by people who live in hot and humid countries. In a country like Pakistan where the average temperature regularly crosses 40° C, ac is a necessity. Sure people can survive without it, but the integral role it plays in having a pleasant day makes it irreplaceable. Especially the one in our cars.

How to maintain an AC in your car?

If you’re unaware of how an air conditioner works, then here’s a short description. It enhances the atmosphere of space by flushing out the heat in the car whilst releasing cooler air. The responsibility of the former lies with the ac evaporator. It’s a fundamental part of the ac system whose fluid functioning results in a cool environment. All this means that efficient maintenance will determine the pleasantness of your car’s interior. So, how do you maintain it?

How to clean car ac evaporator without removing

Cleaning an ac evaporator isn’t a complicated task in itself. The main hurdle that it comes across is clogging. This is primarily a consequence of polluted and heated air that’s trapped in the car. During the clearing out of said air, the evaporator’s clogged by particles that stick to it. In order to remedy this, use any means of compressed air and blow the particles away. Once removed, your ac will work normally. However, the core is another matter entirely.

In order to make it spotless, there are a few steps you need to follow. Let’s take a look at them.

Step 1: Find the ac system in your car. Different cars have different dispositions. Hence, the placement of said system may vary. Having said that, you can easily find it out online.

Step 2: Once found, clear the way to the air conditioning system. If there are any resistors in the way, remove them carefully. Make sure you don’t damage anything.

Step 3: Now that you can see the core, examine it carefully. Sometimes the damaged core requires replacement. In these cases, cleaning it won’t help. Get a professional to replace it. However, we should give you a fair warning. The car ac evaporator replacement cost is quite high. If it’s only unclean, then you can go ahead with the rest of the steps.

Step 4: Use an evaporator cleaner on the core and let it rest for 30 mins. The question you should ask about now is, “What one do I use?”. Well, fortunately, that isn’t a problem. Numerous variants exist in the market They’re divided into two broad categories of aerosol sprays and gallon jugs.

The former has a nozzle and a trigger that sprays the cleaning contents onto the directed area. They’re easier to apply but can be expensive. The latter, a more economical option, comes in jugs. The downside of their low-cost nature is that they’re difficult to use. Pick your poison.

Step 5: After the cleaner has rested for 30 minutes, clear the core completely. Rinse the treated area carefully using low-pressure streams and then dry it using a soft cloth or fabric. Be careful not to be rough whilst cleaning.

Step 6: Once cleansed, make sure there is no moisture present in the core before you put it back in. If wiping it with a cloth doesn’t cut it, then use a handheld fan to blow it dry. Don’t use a hairdryer as the excess heat will ruin the core completely.

Step 7: After everything is complete, return the core to its original place. Make sure you have placed it firmly back and reinstalled any resistors that you took out earlier. Now, you have returned your car to its original state.

Signs that your AC evaporator needs cleaning

Well, how do you know when to clean or replace it? Well, as a rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you cleanse it after 12 months or 6. Otherwise, here are a few signs that you should look out for.

> If the cooling of the air conditioner is less than what it was originally, there may be a problem. Although it can be because of other reasons, we recommend checking for clogging.

> If your car smells like burning plastic when the ac is on, then that is a red flag. Immediately check for any clogs. If the damage is severe, get it checked with a professional instantly.

> If the efficacy of the air blowing out varies randomly, then that may indicate a clogging problem too.

> The compressor stops running

The Bottom Line

All in all, replacing an ac evaporator is an important DIY skill that all car owners should know. However, if you’re unsure of your own prowess, you can always hire a professional to do it. Just get ready to lighten your wallet.

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