how to polish and clean your cars exhaust pipe

How to Polish and Clean Your Car’s Exhaust Pipe

Real car enthusiasts understand the value of car maintenance. A properly maintained car not only gives you a pleasurable driving experience but also prolongs your car’s running life. Additionally, if you maintain your car well enough, you can get a good resale value. Cleaning is a major part of car maintenance and one part that is often overlooked during cleaning is the exhaust pipe. You might pay extra attention to cleaning the exterior of your car but cleaning car exhaust pipes are equally important. Let’s go through a complete guide on how to clean and polish your car’s exhaust pipe.

Why is Cleaning the Car Exhaust Pipe Important?

Many of us fall in love with the unique voice and pleasant note that performance cars and bikes have in the many vehicles we possess or aspire to own. Although some people may refer to this component as an exhaust, any automotive enthusiast will tell you it is much more than that. The area of the car that produces that joyful sound strangely starts out as one of the shiniest parts of a car, but due to its proximity to the ground, carbon buildup from long sporting drives, and not to mention all the debris that get swirled around at the rear of the car, you get all kinds of dirt and grime bonding onto it, eventually causing it to become dull and unattractive.

You can avoid further deterioration and unpleasant sights by cleaning your exhaust pipe on a regular basis. Let’s go through a list of the items you need and the steps you need to follow for cleaning car exhaust pipes.

Items Needed for Cleaning Car Exhaust Pipe

Listed below are the items you need to clean your exhaust pipe:

  • Hose and water supply
  • Wheel cleaning brush (cylindrical)
  • Car soap
  • Microfiber towels
  • All-purpose cleaner or greaser
  • Gloves
  • Automotive metal polish

Once you got all these items, there are a few steps to follow which are listed as follows:


You can start off by cleaning the exhaust tips with water and soap. Soap and water can help clean out dirt, dust, or any substance attached to the tip of the exhaust pipe. It is advisable to use a dedicated bucket as the whole cleaning process can get messy. You can use a microfiber towel for extra efficiency and remove dirt that is settled on the bottom of the pipes.

After cleaning the pipe with soap and water, if you still feel like there is some dust left then you can use the degreaser and tire brush. These can provide added efficiency in properly removing the dirt, dust and other particles settled on the exhaust pipe.


A common method for safely cleaning chrome or stainless steel exhaust tips is using a specialized exhaust cleaner, followed by automotive-grade steel wool and metal polish. You may apply it with a clean microfiber cloth.

Applying light pressure with automotive-grade 000 or 0000 steel wool after spraying your pipes with a degreaser or wheel cleaner is your best bet if you have a lot of carbon buildup or scratches.
This can assist in removing scratches that metal polish might not be able to get rid of completely,

However, if you’ve never polished your tips before, and they are filthy, starting with steel wool is a good choice. Majority of polishes have mild abrasives that help in removing light scratches or buildup.


Cleaning the exhaust pipe is one thing, but you would always prefer a pipe that’s not sore for the eyes. In order to remove any faint scratches that the more abrasive steel wool may have left behind while removing scratches from your pipes, you should always apply a metal polish after using something more aggressive, such as steel wool.

Use abrasives or a metal polish made for chrome or stainless steel on exhaust tips made of painted or black metal instead. Instead of using brushes or anything that could scuff a matte or black finish, just use soap, water, and a degreaser. It is advised to use quality equipment for better outcomes and longevity.


Cleaning car exhaust pipes and polishing them is one thing, but you can do even more to ensure that they remain the same for a more extended period of time. While this is not an essential step, it can be useful. Wheel sealant has been known to protect the paint, and it can keep the exhaust pipes safe.
It is never a bad idea to add an extra layer of safety.

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to clean and polish your car’s exhaust pipe. A well-maintained car has a different charm. A clean and shining car leaves a lasting impression on all the viewers. You have the option to leave a lasting impression while taking good care of your car just by following these simple steps and cleaning the exhaust pipes on time.

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