Importance of an Immobilizer Key

The Safety and Importance of an Immobilizer Key

Every car owner’s worst nightmare is car theft and totaling their car. People take many measures to prevent this. From parking in private spaces to hiring guards. Though their worrying makes sense, such measures are impractical. Neither is private space isn’t always available nor can everyone afford a guard. The answer to this problem is an immobilizer key.

What Is An Immobilizer Key?

Many confuse immobilizers with car alarms. However, there is a difference between the two. An alarm is an audio system built to alert others of any unauthorized access. Meanwhile, an immobilizer is a security system that locks your car for everyone but you. Think of alarms as your guard dog that barks at intruders. While an immobilizer is a lock on your gate.

Introduced in the 1980s, it quickly became a staple of the automotive industry. The word “immobilize” means to disrupt motion. An immobilizer has a similar purpose. It is an anti-theft system built into a car to prevent unauthorized access. The engine of the vehicle won’t start until it recognizes its official key. Even if someone gains access to your vehicle, they won’t be able to start it.

Is It Effective?

As humans, we are prone to errors. A major advantage of immobilizers is that it doesn’t need to be activated. It automatically detects any irregularity. It acts as an effective deterrent
against car theft. Though it is wise to remember that much like car developers, car thieves grow with time. When any new safety development takes place, thieves find a new loophole.

Having said that, studies show that the introduction of immobilizers has reduced car theft. According to a study in 2016, the presence of immobilizers has globally decreased overall car theft by 40%.

Does Toyota Have Immobilizers

Soon after its release, many companies adopted the immobilizer key – so did Toyota. One of the reasons of our success is our effort to provide the best services. We employ state-of-the-art technology in our Toyota Smart Key. The absence of your key will detect any attempt to steal your car. Our engine immobilizers will lock your vehicle down. This limits any hot wiring and carjacking attempts on your vehicle.

Even if you lose your Toyota Smart Key, we have got you covered. All you need to do is contact your Toyota dealer and brief them on your circumstance. Although expensive, it will help prevent any unauthorized access.

Immobilizer Error

Like anything electronic, immobilizers can malfunction for various reasons. Here are a few signs to be wary of.

Unlocking Problems

Unable to unlock your car? That means your key fob is not communicating with the immobilizer. In this case, you’ll need to get both your key and immobilizer checked. Meanwhile, call someone to tow your vehicle.

Doors Not Locking

The symptoms will render you unable to lock your car too. Then, the only way to lock your doors would be from the inside. Or, you’d have to leave your doors unlocked. We strongly recommend that you get your car fixed. Unlocked cars are vulnerable to theft.

Engine Problems

Sometimes, even if you can lock and unlock your doors, your engine won’t start. If the mechanic can’t find any logical explanation, then it probably means that the engine immobilizer is at fault. It prevents the engine from starting if it doesn’t recognize the proper security protocol.

Bad Wiring

Is your key working fine, but you’re still facing issues? Then, it probably is a case of bad wiring. Damaged or worn wires will likely affect your immobilizer system. This may lead to your car alarm system not working either.

How To Remove Toyota Immobilizer

Most immobilizer systems in our vehicles are more than just pieces of metal. It is an integrated system that connects and communicates with various entities. It’s not as easy as ordering and installing an add-on.
However, it may be possible for you to deactivate your immobilizer. Usually, it’s done when an immobilizer malfunctions or requires inspection. It may also be possible for you to override it.

Is It Worth It?

All in all, immobilizer keys have become an integral part of cars today. Its protection is what makes it indispensable. We promise to keep advancing to provide our clients with a secure journey.

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