Reasons Why Your Car’s Extended

Reasons Why Your Car’s Extended Warranty is Worth It

All new vehicles fresh off the production line come with a factory or manufacturer’s warranty. This is essentially automakers’ way of ensuring protection to the consumers in case of any mechanical or performance issues that might take place in the initial years of vehicle purchase. However, once that warranty has expired, you will usually be on your own to pay for major bills and repairs. This is where the importance of your car’s extended warranty comes in. This protection plan can significantly save you from unforeseen and costly repair bills and offer coverage that is not otherwise included in your original factory warranty.

In this blog, we discuss why investing in an extended warranty for your car is worth it when you want to cut down on unnecessary costs related to unexpected failures and repairs. Let’s get started.

1- Unparalleled Peace of Mind

It’s true that all vehicle parts have a limited lifespan and the longer the wear distance of the parts, the higher the chances of potential failure or major repair. Breakdowns are also likely to occur to car owners who own high-mileage vehicles. In this case, having a protection plan such as an extended car warranty can enable you to drive with confidence and unparalleled peace of mind. Even if you find yourself stuck on the side of a road after a breakdown, a reputable extended warranty provider will direct you to your nearest vehicle repair shop. Moreover, warranty providers may also cover repair costs and offer car rental options.

2- Tailored Warranty According to Your Needs

Manufacturers’ warranties often work as per the conventional approach with terms and conditions that are often not suitable for most drivers. Nevertheless, if you buy a viable extended auto warranty that offers packages such as those provided by Toyota extended warranty, you have the liberty to choose from the plans that best suit your needs and meet the budget you have decided on.

3- Increase Your Resale Value

Buying a new vehicle is a huge investment, and as a new car owner, you’d definitely want it to have a higher resale value. By having a vehicle extended warranty, you’re most likely to maintain it in a good condition in terms of appearance and performance and consequently, retain its value over a period of time. In addition, some warranties are also transferable for a small fee which serves as an interesting prospect for the individual buyer who might see extra value in your vehicle and become keener on buying it at a higher selling price.

4- Remarkable Cost Savings

This is one of the highlighting benefits of buying extended car warranties. While many people question their worth, considering that they must be bought separately from your car. It’s important to keep in mind that you can save a substantial amount of money when you purchase an extended vehicle warranty from car warranty companies.

What Does Toyota Extended Warranty Entail?

Toyota Customers are not age bound and they have their own unique usage, so keeping in mind customer perspective TOYOTA has Launched the three different packages for extended warranty.

1- Basic Extended Warranty Coverage: This package consists of two modules for just 4th year or combine 4&5th Year Coverage, for those customers who just need a tenure extension for warranty coverage. This package only covers the engine and transmission manufacturing warranty extension.

2- Comprehensive Extended Warranty Coverage: Comprehensive package is the same as the basic coverage but with the exclusive coverage of full vehicles (as per owners manual) in the company’s manufacturing warranty.

3- Premium Extended warranty Coverage: Premium package also consists of two modules but it also extends the Mileage of the vehicle along with the tenure with full vehicle coverage (as per owners manual) in the company’s manufacturing warranty.

What is the Discounted Extended Warranty Package?

Since Customer Delight is the ultimate goal of TOYOTA thats why to create the WOW factor, TOYOTA has announced an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTED EXTENDED WARRANTY PACKAGE, only for SEDAN cars for 4th year Tenure Extension and full vehicle coverage (as per owners manual) for just PKR 10,000/-. This package packs a punch of complete vehicle coverage for the peace of mind of the customer for a complete 4 years.

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To conclude, buying your car’s extended warranty comes with a sense of peace and security in the longer run. By having your costs covered, you do not need to worry about unexpected breakdowns. Looking for more information on extended warranty or need some guidance? Get in touch with us at:

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