Vehicle Needs Auto Body Painting

7 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Auto Body Painting Services

Many people go years without thinking twice about getting their car repainted, even if they get its engine serviced after every few months and have it go for a wash once per month. We’re here to tell you that your car’s exterior paint job deserves as much attention as its internal features. Hence, even those numerous car washes won’t do much good if your car’s paint is fading away or becoming old.

Therefore, it’s important to get your car auto body painting before it starts coming off as too old or rusty to make a good impression. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the 7 signs that can indicate whether your vehicle needs auto body painting services.

1. Rust

Rust in a car can occur due to any number of reasons, and they can vary from accidents to lousy driving to unfavorable weather conditions. But whatever the cause might be, you need to take immediate action once you observe rust forming up on your car’s exterior. It starts with you noticing paint bubbling up and deform in large patches or spots, once you remove this paint, you will find big rusty patches ruining the metallic exterior of your car’s surface. Hence, you need to take immediate action in such cases and get your car to professional automobile service providers to fix the issue through car paint restoration.

2. Peeling

If you notice paint getting peeled off your car’s surface, it can be the clear coat peeling and getting separated from your car’s base coat. Once that clear coat is gone, your base coat can be exposed to all kinds of pollution and other damages, meaning your car’s paint won’t stay on for too long a time. Bubbles and discolored areas are one of the first signs that the clear coat is about to peel off. In such cases, you will need to go to an expert for an auto body painting to get it back in its previous state, making your car look new and shiny.

3. Scratches

Deep scratches are one of the major ways your car’s paint will get damaged, either through a road sideswipe, a scratch that occurs while parking, or if someone keys your car. In such cases, you need to contact your car dealership’s services to assess the damage and get an opinion on what to do next. If you end up needing auto body painting services, a professional will walk you through the process and tell you what’s the best option.

4. Fine Cracks

If your car is left out in the sun for long periods of time without properly protecting it with wax, etc, its surface’s paint will begin to dry out and crack. This isn’t a pretty sight for your car, and it can be damaging to its surface in the long run. In such cases, you need to sand down the paint of your car until the cracks become invisible. After this, you can get an automotive service done on your car to cover the exposed surfaces and apply a new clear coat.

5. Dents

Dents are a common occurrence for every car; whether you accidentally backed up into a gate, or pole, or get into a minor accident with another car or bike, any of these situations can end up creating dents on your vehicle. The real threat comes if these dents expose the metal of your car, which leaves it vulnerable to further damage. In such cases, you need to immediately get those dents fixed. In some cases, dents can be fixed without car paint repair. But majorly, some form of auto body painting becomes essential for the dents to go away.

6. Fading Paint

When your vehicle starts to age, it becomes evident through the fading paint job on its surface. Another reason for fading is that you leave your car too long in the sun without proper shading or safety measures. In other cases, having your car go without getting washed for too long can also cause its paint to fade away. In such cases, wax can be a good protective layer to protect your car’s paint job. But if it’s already too late to wax, you will need auto body painting sooner or later to get your car’s shine back.

7. Dullness of Paint

Dullness isn’t the same as fading in that your car’s paint doesn’t need to fade for it to be dull. Once your clear coat starts rubbing off, your car starts looking less shiny than it used to even when you polish it. Sometimes, it just needs a fresh coat to remove the problem, but in extreme cases, you’ll need professional automobile paint done on your car.

You need to remember that the longer you leave your car without getting proper services done, the bigger the threat of damages becomes. Hence, you need to contact your automotive service provider immediately after you notice any sign of damage to the vehicle’s surface in order to ensure the problem is tackled without further damage occurs.

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