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Getting Your Vehicle Maintenance Done – A Checklist

If you want your car to perform well for a long time, it’s mandatory to get its maintenance done regularly. Maintaining your car is the key to keep it in a satisfactory condition and doing so also helps to retain its resale value. Also, car maintenance is very important for the safety of both the driver and the passengers. Below is a checklist to be followed when getting your vehicle maintenance done.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind at the time of car maintenance.

1. Engine Oil Level/Coolant Level

engine oil level check
Checking the car’s engine oil and coolant level every month or every few days is very important to ensure optimal car performance. If kept unchecked, the reduced level can also hamper the car’s engine thereby decreasing its capacity to work properly.

2. Fluid Level

fluid level check
There are various types of vehicle fluids that serve different purposes, and maintaining their level is really important for your car to be in a functional condition. Other than engine oil and coolant, these fluids include power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. Always remember to check these when getting your car maintenance done.

3. Air Filter

checking vehicle air filter
The air filter regulates the airflow in the engine of your car, filtering out all the pollutants, including debris and other small particles. This filtration is very important to increase the engine’s life. So, make sure to get the filter’s service done at the time of maintenance.

4. Spark Plugs

spark plugs
The function of spark plugs is to strike the gas and air mixture that powers a car. Your car’s engine may lose its power and stop working properly if these plugs aren’t working well. Therefore, if you want your car to function properly, these plugs should be regularly checked and maintained.

5. Shock Absorbers

shock absorbers
Shock absorbers protect your car from damages that can occur because of uneven roads. Therefore, it’s compulsory to check the shock absorbers when you’re getting your car’s maintenance done.

6. Brakes

car brakes
No one can deny the importance of brakes in a car. They’re very essential for driving a car, without them you can’t stop your car while driving or in case of an emergency. So, always try to get the brakes checked at the time of car maintenance.

7. Tires

To go smoothly and safely on a long route, the tires of your car must be in excellent condition. Also, if the tires are in poor condition, your car will consume more fuel. So make sure to get your tires checked regularly.

8. Lights

There’s a vital role of lights in a car, many types of lights are integrated into a car including headlights, backlights, indicators, etc. All of them keep their separate importance in a car’s lighting system. So at the time of car maintenance, it’s compulsory to get them checked and clean as well.

9. Wipers

Wipers are crucial to keep your windscreen clean for better visibility. By having your wipers checked and cleaned regularly, you can avoid the risk of accidents due to poor view of the road, nearby vehicles, or passengers. When you’re getting your vehicle maintenance done, make sure to get its motor repaired, and the blades changed in case they are damaged or not working well.

10. Battery/Generator

car battery
Battery and generator performance must be added to your checklist as without a good battery the car can’t get started and without a good generator, the battery can’t be charged properly. So, don’t forget to get these inspected at regular intervals.

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