Toyota Hybrid Cars

An Examination Of Toyota Hybrid Cars

Technological progress has improved our lives, especially in transportation. The car industry keeps up with new trends, moving towards electric power. Hybrids became popular recently, especially in Pakistan for their performance and fuel efficiency. These cars are a smart and affordable option for Pakistanis, particularly as petrol prices rise.

Toyota hybrid – How does the system work?

  • Toyota’s hybrid drive system comprises six key components: petrol engine, electric motor, electric generator, power control unit, and power split device.
  • This system seamlessly alternates between electric and engine power, adjusting to driving conditions for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • The engine also charges the battery through the generator, and the electric motor operates emission-free during traffic.
  • The engine turns off when stationary and restarts automatically, while the hybrid battery stays charged, eliminating the need for external charging.

Toyota Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota also provides plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), like the Prius Plug-in and RAV4 Plug-in. These models include a bigger battery, enabling longer electric-only driving at higher speeds, typically around 30 miles. This setup offers emission-free city driving while utilizing the petrol engine for longer journeys. Plus, drivers can effortlessly switch between power sources, saving the battery for city use. Nevertheless, remember that PHEVs need external charging due to their larger batteries. Despite higher costs, PHEVs offer an attractive choice for specific drivers.

Toyota Hybrid Cars


The Aqua stands out as a well-liked hybrid car option in Pakistan. Notably, it is equipped with EFI and Hybrid Synergy technology. The vehicle has a 4-cylinder, 1500cc VVT-I engine producing 72 HP. Its 4-speed CVT automatic transmission contributes to a smoother road experience. Moreover, the Aqua’s sporty five-door design enables it to achieve a top speed of 180km/h while maintaining an impressive fuel efficiency of 30 km/l


The 2023 Prius marks the arrival of a new era, boasting a comprehensive redesign both in its interior and exterior. It now adopts Toyota’s updated TNGA-C platform, making it a sleeker, more durable eco-friendly compact car with a wider stance and lower driving position. This change brings along a new 194-hp hybrid powertrain with an all-wheel drive option. This boost in power not only gives the Prius quicker acceleration compared to many hybrid rivals but also maintains its fuel efficiency.
Moreover, all-wheel-drive models surge to 196 horsepower, thanks to an added high-output magnet in the rear motor. The Prius upholds its reputation for impressive fuel efficiency and strong dedication to being environmentally conscious. Its safety features and extra offerings align with its commitment to eco-friendly practices. Base models include 17-inch wheels, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and an appealing starting price.

Corolla Axio

Equipped with a 1500cc engine accompanied by a battery pack, the Corolla Axio shares similarities with the Aqua, featuring the Hybrid Synergy Drive and an automatic CVT transmission gearbox. This setup is complemented by electric power steering to ensure a seamless driving experience. Notably, the car distinguishes itself through impressive fuel efficiency, achieving an exceptional mileage of 30 KM/L. Designed to accommodate five passengers, the Corolla Axio presents an attractive and contemporary exterior design.


Dating back to 1982, the Camry XP, a mid-sized sedan, has consistently delivered efficient performance across its various generations. Notably, the Camry XP offers luxury and comfort for short or long trips. Beneath its hood lies a 2487cc four-cylinder engine, delivering a fuel efficiency of 15km/l. This luxury car comes at a price of PKR 23,319,000 in Pakistan.

Toyota CH-R

C-HR means Coupe High Rider. The C-HR crossover SUV has a new sporty design and upgraded interior and exterior features. It runs on a 1800cc engine that uses regular unleaded fuel. The C-HR offers a fuel efficiency of 26 km/L and comes in both automatic and manual gearbox options. TheToyota C-HR Price in Pakistan is PKR 7,500,000

Best Hybrid Cars

  • Prius
  • Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid
  • Corolla
  • Honda CR-Z
  • Sienta
  • Honda Griez
  • Honda Fit
  • Vezel
  • Nissan Note
  • Toyota CH-R
  • Nissan JUKE
  • Honda Insight
  • Aqua
  • Honda Accord
  • Corolla Axio
  • Honda HR-V
  • Camry


Initially, importing hybrid cars from Japan to Pakistan posed challenges due to the lack of skilled mechanics and spare parts. However, over time, hybrid car companies have effectively tackled these issues, guaranteeing the availability of parts and top-notch maintenance services. Consequently, the demand for these cars has surged, owing to their fuel efficiency, performance, and positive impact on the environment. This robust demand signals a promising future for hybrid cars in the Pakistani market.

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