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The Ultimate Prepaid Periodic Maintenance Checklist

To increase the longevity, operational efficiency, and resale value of your vehicle, you need to get its routine maintenance services done as per the time and schedule. Depending on the performance, some parts of your vehicle might need more frequent inspection than the rest. Being mindful of the fact that owning a vehicle is a huge investment as well as a responsibility requires plenty of effort and sufficient knowledge of which procedures need to be carried out and how often to keep the vehicle up and running. At Toyota Creek Motors, we offer a Prepaid Periodic Maintenance package that is inclusive, affordable, and enables you to get your car serviced at regular intervals.

To help you with preparing your vehicle for maintenance and to keep a track record of its schedule, we have created a periodic maintenance checklist to follow:

1- Oil & Oil Filter

The functions of motor oil in your vehicle are manifold. Whether it’s lubricating automotive parts, cooling the engine, protecting against debris, minimizing wear and tear, or avoiding engine abrasion, changing the oil and keeping the filter clean is key to keeping your engine in a good working condition. According to the vehicle and the type of oil being used, you may be required to get the oil and oil filter changed after 3,000 miles. However, it may vary depending on how old or new the car is. For instance, many new vehicle owners’ manuals suggest changing it less often or after the vehicle has crossed 5,000-10,000 miles. In this case, it’s recommended to visit a Toyota authorized dealership and connect with a professional to determine what’s most appropriate for your vehicle.

2- Tire Inspection

To ensure safe and fuel-efficient rides, it is important to inspect tire pressure every month or at least before long trips or while carrying an extra load. In addition, during the colder months, the pressure is likely to drop one pound with every 10-degree decline in pressure. To ascertain how much pressure your tire needs, either refer to your owner’s manual or check the tread depth yourself using the infamous simple penny method.

3- Headlights, Signals, & Parking Lights

It is important to assess that all the lights on your vehicle are in proper order. You can do so by turning on the headlights once a month on a flat surface and evaluating if both of them are working properly and are positioned right. The same applies to turn signals, brakes, and parking lights. This will help to ascertain that the functioning of these lights is not overlooked before you send the car for periodic maintenance.

4- Air Filter

Your engine’s air filter is a crucial part that helps to regulate the airflow through the engine and helps to get rid of scrapes and particles. By ensuring that your air filter is in a proper working condition, you can enhance fuel efficiency, reduce the chances of emissions and improve your engine’s life. Therefore, check your owner’s manual for instructions to know how is it done and how often should you do it.

What does Toyota Prepaid Periodic Maintenance Service Offer?

PPM service by Toyota offers the customers a smart, economical, and consistent way to service their vehicles while taking charge of how much they spend on the maintenance cost. This comprehensive package can be availed either in one year or 4 visits and includes the following services:

1- Oil change
2- Oil filter change
3- Labor (Routine periodic maintenance)
4- Top wash (Free of cost)

In addition, availing of the PPM service offers the following benefits:

1- Quality Services:

All the services are performed by Toyota certified expert technicians, using Toyota recommended equipment and special service tools.

2- Genuine Parts

Get peace of mind knowing that Toyota genuine parts with surety and warranty are used for the service of your vehicle.

3- Increased Savings

Forget about the inconvenience caused by fluctuating prices, uncertain breakdowns, and high repair costs of the vehicle by availing of services at discounted prices through the PPM package.

4- One-Year Warranty

All services under the Prepaid Periodic Maintenance package are valid and can be availed within the duration of one year.

5- Priority Services

Get prompt response and swift services upon buying the Prepaid Periodic Maintenance service.

Wrapping up, this was our take on Toyota’s periodic maintenance service checklist. Found it useful or have some questions? Feel free to visit our dealership or reach out to us at:

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