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10 Things You Must Have in Your Winter Car Survival Kit

Imagine, you are all set to spend your vacations with your family. You’ve booked your hotel, packed your clothes to protect you from the cold winter snow waiting for you. But on your way, you face an extreme blizzard, and now you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with little chance of help to arrive.

If you were foresighted enough and have prepared your car kit, you’d have nothing to worry about as you would have been equipped with every necessary equipment you need to fix your problem or to keep you safe till help arrives. If not, you’d probably have to say goodbye to your cozy vacation plan, as you’ll be stuck here for a while. Distressing right? Well, you don’t have to worry as we will be helping you prepare a winter car survival kit that you must have when you are going on a road journey up in the north.

1. Flashlight:

The flashlight comes in handy in countless ways. Got a flat tire to change, have to look for something underneath your car seat, fix something underneath the car, or need help to see things when the sun sets? You will be needing a flashlight for each and everything. However, don’t forget to keep an extra set of batteries with you, or you can get a rechargeable battery flashlight that you can plug in with your car battery in case of any emergency.

2. Jumper Cable:

A Jumper cable is the most important thing that you must have in your winter car survival kit. People most often rely on others to help to jump-start their dead car battery with the jumper cable. You can consider the jumper cable as an insurance policy; hopefully, there will be no such scenario in which you will be requiring it to use it, but if any such situation occurs it will be of tremendous help.

3. Windshield washer fluid:

You don’t know how long you are going to be stuck if your car faces any issue on a road journey. It is important to carry a windshield water fluid with the antifreeze ability in your car emergency kit, that would work under extreme weather conditions when the temperature drops to freezing level.

4. Folding shovels:

If you are traveling up north in winters, a compact shovel is extremely useful that must be in your car emergency kit for winter. In situations where your car is stuck in the snow and a rescue team is nowhere near, you can yourself start digging in the snow to make way for your car. You don’t have to worry about the size of the shovels thanks to evolution, shovels today can be folded too which does not take much space.

5. Portable air compressor:

Talking about things not taking much space in your winter car survival kit, you can’t leave behind a compact air compressor. You won’t have to worry about help arriving in case of low tire pressure, especially in cold weather conditions. The portable air compressor can be used anytime, anywhere to bring your car tire pressure to the standard level.

6. Safety Absorbent:

You must be wondering why safety absorbent is necessary for your car emergency kit? Safety absorbent is an essential thing to keep with yourself while traveling in cold weather because just in case you’ve been stuck in snowfall, it will help your car tires regain traction.

7. First aid kit:

Extreme cold weather isn’t only going to harm your vehicle when you are stranded. Make sure to keep spare medicines and all essential items you might need to fix a cut that you get while fixing your tire, or some extra pair of bandages. Therefore, you need to have a first aid kit while traveling north in winter.

8. A sturdy set of boots:

If you don’t want to trip and fall in the process of shoveling the snow or getting your car out of the ditch, you must have a good set of boots that can resist the extreme cold weather and keep you on your feet for a long time.

9. Candle-powered heater:

Keeping your car on while being stuck to keep yourself warm can be the worst decision, as you may run out of gas sooner than you anticipate. To keep yourself warm in a car when you are stranded, you should have a candle-powered heater in your winter survival kit. You just need a metal can, candles and a lighter to keep yourself warm until the rescue team reaches you out. A candle can be effective as an ad hoc heater when you are short of gas.

10. Water bottles:

Make sure you have kept a good number of “plastic” water bottles with you. You must be wondering why plastic water bottles are important? You can’t risk breaking the glass bottle when it gets too cold, as glass water bottles will not be able to resist extreme cold weather.

To Conclude:

If you are going on a road journey for your winter vacation, you must have all the above-mentioned things in your car emergency kit. If you have gathered all the suggested things to keep in your winter car survival kit, you are all set to take off to your cozy vacation destination and spend quality time with your family while enjoying the breathtaking view while sipping a hot cup of your favorite beverage. Happy vacations.

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