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Everything You Should Know About Car Financing in Pakistan

Purchasing a car is not an easy thing to do. Firstly, you are required to identify and examine your needs. Secondly, you have to sort out your expenses before buying a vehicle. If you are buying a vehicle in Pakistan, then loan financing is a viable option for you. Buying a car is about great commitment, therefore you must ensure you are getting a good deal in terms of money.

If you are confused about how car financing works in Pakistan, then you must read this blog to have a complete picture of how you can buy a vehicle through bank financing.

Buying a car in today’s World has become a need of the hour. The good thing is car financing companies and banks in the country offer financing for both new and used cars. Therefore, if you don’t have much budget to spend on a new car, you can get an old car on installment in Pakistan. Once you have decided to get a vehicle through car financing, you must choose the right company or bank that provides you with the best installment plan. Here are a few factors that you must consider before choosing a financing company.

Interest Rate:

Interest rate is the most important factor to consider before choosing a car financing company; it’s added to the loan amount you get to buy the car, which you will have to pay every month along with the installments. The interest rate can also change if you have opted for a different installment plan. Therefore, the rate can vary depending on the market. If you have opted for Islamic financing, the interest rate is considered as profit, which comes in terms of car Ijarah or auto Ijarah that Islamic banks provide. It is better to identify the interest rates instead of getting into trouble later.

Loan Tenure:

The duration of the loan is another vital thing to know before choosing a car financing company. You can apply for a car loan based on the time you need to pay back the loan amount. In Pakistan, car financing companies and banks offer a tenure of seven years to pay back the loan amount.

Loan Amount:

The loan amount is decided by the car financing companies and banks depending on the car you need. The amount that is provided in the form of loans varies from bank to bank. Commonly, banks offer 80% of car financing in Pakistan. Although, the provided loan amount also depends on the down payment you will be doing for the car you are going to purchase.

Insurance cost:

With car financing, it is necessary to get insurance for your car while living in Pakistan. Therefore, when you are getting your car financed, banks offer you insurance that costs up to 3 to 5% depending on the car and its model. Most often, you will have to pay for a tracking system when you get your car financed. You will be required to pay a fixed amount monthly for your car insurance until the time of its renewal.

Early Settlements:

Commonly, sometimes car owners want to write off their debt early when their financial position improves. In such situations, banks charge a fee that you will have to pay to settle off the amount before the due date. Therefore, it becomes important here to identify which bank offers you a less fee in case you plan to pay off your debt early.

To sum up:

There are several car financing companies and banks in Pakistan that provide car financing services, but it is really important to choose the right one. It is beneficial if you compare the options that are available to you before making the final decision. However, if you’re still confused and want to know more details regarding car financing, you can consult Toyota Creek Motors to make your decision process easy.

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