Toyota GLi & Altis Comparison

Toyota GLi & Altis: A Complete Comparison

Toyota’s Finest

Renowned for quality vehicles, Toyota outdid itself with the Toyota GLi and Altis. Designed with both comfort and performance in mind, they represent the pinnacle of car manufacturing. The result: two top-of-the-line cars that outshine their competitors. Having said that, they are not identical. Though they strive for the same destination, both take different routes to get there. It’s possible to examine the difference between GLi and Altis by scrutinizing each independently.

Toyota Corolla GLi 1.6 (2012)

Upon its release in 2012, this car was the cause of great excitement in the market. Several years later, it’s still an intelligent purchase. Let’s see why.


Looking at the Toyota Corolla GLi 1.6 specifications, we immediately realize why this car was such a hit. Looking at its dimensions, it’s possible to determine the spaciousness of the car. With its length of 4540 mm, width of 1760 mm, and height of 1465 mm, this car offers unparalleled comfort.

The vastness of the interior gave the designers ample space to work with. This allows them to create a comfortable and spacious interior that puts the occupants at ease.

The presence of both a heater and an air-conditioner makes the interior more comfortable. Additionally, the power steering enables the driver to maneuver the car with ease.


This car is the best of both worlds. Coupled with a cozy interior, the sleek exterior makeup of the Toyota GLi 1.6 makes it attractive to everyone. Its 14-inch wheels with steel rims and wheel caps aren’t only appealing but allow it to drive on rough terrain.

Its exquisite shape grabs attention everywhere it goes whilst making plentiful use of thermodynamics.


Regardless of how enticing a car looks, no one would bat an eye if its performance were poor. That’s where this car shines. The fuel average of 8 – 9 km/l is impressive on its own. Yet, it looks even better when one considers the 42 L fuel capacity that it enjoys.

A 1598 cc engine with 124 horsepower gives the required thrust to ensure smooth driving. Given it’s usually used in cities, the FWD drivetrain is ideal for an efficient dive. However, with a max speed of 240 km/h, it outperforms many cars on the highway too.

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 (2014)

Released in 2014, this car captured the imagination of car enthusiasts all over the country. Let’s take a look at what made it so popular.


With dimensions of 4620 mm (length), 1775 mm (width) 1475 mm (height), this car offers a rare vastness. Coupled with an incredibly resourceful and soothing interior, this car was an instant hit. A front and rear camera that offers an optimal vision to the driver which provides security and efficiency. Add quality seats and what you get is an efficient and serene driving experience.


Not to be outdone by the interior, the designers of this car emphasized the quality of the exterior too. A Kerb weight of 1275 is impressive enough on its own for a car of its size. However, the 16-inch alloy wheels with a 5×100 PCD only add to its impressiveness. The cleverly designed car looks as mesmerizing from the outside as it is from the inside.


A mileage of 12 km/l in the city and 16 km/l on the highway is exceptionally rare. What’s rarer is a 55 L fuel capacity to go with it. Moreover, a 1598 cc engine with an FWD drive train propelled by 120 hp makes it seem otherworldly. This makes it an ideal choice for intra-city driving but its max speed of 240 makes it effective on highways too. Furthermore, the electric-powered steering makes navigation easy and fluent.

Toyota Altis & GLi: A Comparison

Both these cars stand on an exalted status on their own. However, a comparison between the two vehicles is necessary to determine the better one.

The Interior

Though the interior of the two is quite similar, the bigger dimensions of the Toyota Altis 1.6 mean that it’s more spacious than the GLi. Although the difference is minimal, it might make all the difference in the world for someone who values space.

The Exterior

When comparing the exterior, proponents of the Altis immediately point to the absence of alloy wheels in the GLi which its competitor enjoys. To those unaware, alloy wheels are considerably lighter, making the car’s ride and handling easier. However, the Kerb weight of the Altis is greater than the GLi. Given they both possess the same engine, this may make people prefer lighter cars with similar dimensions.

The Performance

The performance of the two vehicles is the tiebreaker. Comparing the GLi vs Altis 1.6 fuel consumption, we see one has superiority over the other. The Altis is slightly better than the Gli, but it’s the fuel capacity where the latter stands out. This makes people gravitate towards the Altis more, but it’s prudent to mention it’s significantly more expensive than the GLi. This balances the equation and puts both cars on equal footing.

The Big Picture

All in all, both cars have their pros and cons. Each would make a fine addition to any garage they occupy. However, it’s the financial circumstance, residence, and purpose of the purchase, among other things, that will determine the final decision. A right call for one may be wrong for another one. Find your answer by visiting the Toyota website today.

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