Tips for a Smooth Test Driving Experience

7 Tips to Consider for a Smooth Test Driving Experience

Taking a test drive before purchasing a new car is the most efficient way to get familiar with the car you’re going to buy. Only because a car is described perfectly on paper doesn’t mean you get the same to experience until you test drive. Furthermore, many people buy a car only on the basis of someone else’s opinion. This is another risk as everyone’s choices and expectations are different and can vary from one another. So for the best user experience, always try testing the car yourself before purchase.

Following are some important test drive tips to consider for a smooth driving experience.

1- Bring your driving license with you:

When you’re going for a test drive, keep the driving license with you as the salesperson will ask you to hold your driving license. It’s necessary at the time of purchasing a new car as the vehicle isn’t registered. This helps you when traffic police stops you and asks you for the license.

2- Check the ease of entrance:

At the time of purchasing a new car, always check how comfortable it is to enter ‌that vehicle. Easy entrance is the most important thing that every car should have. Because if it’s difficult to enter the car, remember that you’ll have to face this issue several times a day if you end up purchasing the car.

3- Adjust the seats and mirrors:

Adjusting the seats and mirrors before having a drive is very important because if these things aren’t properly adjusted, it can create trouble while driving, and you won’t be able to judge the car’s performance correctly. So always check the following things.

For Seat:

  • Visibility must be good over the steering wheel.
  • There must be enough headroom.
  • Back support must be good.
  • You should feel comfortable while driving.

For Mirrors:

  • Easy adjustment.
  • Large blind spots.
  • The car should have a good working blind spot detection system.

4- Ask about the controls:

Before you start your drive, remember to ask the salesperson about the correct location of controls i.e. from where to switch on the indicators, wipers, headlights, etc. Knowing about the controls is necessary because when driving a car, you must take care of the appropriate rules and regulations for safety purposes.

5- Take and experience the test ride:

Now that you’ve checked for all the initially important features, start your ride to judge the overall experience. Take note of how’s the pickup, is the steering too heavy or light, and how smoothly the car’s running on the road.

6- Check the brakes, transmission, and other internal controls:

While having a test drive, you must check the car’s brakes, transmission, and all other controls. Whether the brakes are applying instantly, are they hard or too soft? It’s also important to note that whether the transmission of the car shifts easily or not. If the car has a manual transmission, check how heavy is the clutch, or if the vehicle’s automatic, check how easily it shifts up and down when going on a higher surface.

7- Check overall visibility and comfort:

On a test drive, check the overall visibility and comfort of the car. Make sure that you’re capable of easily seeing in all directions. Check how comfortable is the vehicle in every aspect i.e. to sit and drive.

Above is the test drive checklist, nowadays, because of Covid-19, some additional safety tips must also be considered before having a drive. At Toyota Creek Motors, we take complete care of your safety and strictly follow the SOPs for everyone’s health. The following are some precautionary things that TCRM provides for a safe test drive experience:

  1. All the vehicles are disinfected as per COVID protocols before test driving.
  2. Use of disposable gear and steering wheel cover to avoid spreading infection.
  3. If a customer is interested in a test drive, they have to book an appointment first, our representative will contact the customer for confirmation, and on the decided day, a dedicated member from our staff will be assigned to answer any concerns and facilitate during the drive.

Want to book your appointment? Visit: ‘Or’ Get in touch with us at our UAN number: 021-111-334-632

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